BT Cotton Reflective Essay

BT Cotton

Our group was looking at a crop called Bt cotton that is grown in many places in the world including India and the United States. The crop had been chosen for discussion because it has the ability to produce its own protection against pests that usually harm its growth. Therefore, the plant is special since the farmers do not have to spend a lot of money in buying pesticides to control pests. The main message the group was passing to the audience was that the farming of Bt Cotton in many parts of the world has been going through many changes due to improvement in technology and willingness of governments to help the farmers.

Before making the presentation, there were few things that I considered alongside other group members. First, I looked at the place where the presentation was to be made and estimated the size of the audience and noted the people expected were not too many.  Secondly, I considered the time allowed for each presentation. Therefore, I made the notes in the presentation as short and clear as possible so as to remain within the time limits.  Additionally, the PowerPoint presentation was clear to get the attention of the audience and project the points visibly. Notably, we had conducted a lot of research on our product, and this gave us enough information for the presentation. These aspects formed the strengths of the presentation. However, there was a problem because I thought it would be difficult to work in a group because most of the time I prefer working alone. We were four in the group, and I was worried about the quality of the presentation because there are many conflicts of ideas within a group. We held a discussion within the group to determine what the right thing to do during the presentation was.

During the presentation, the group remained together, and we supported each other with points and in handling the concerns from the audience. The presentations slides were organized to enhance the flow of the explanations about Bt Cotton. The content in the presentation slides was organized in such as that the product was first introduced, the issues regarding technology on the crop were explained, and the impact the crop has had on people’s lives was explained, and finally a conclusion was given. The transitions were well done with each member of the group having a chance to explain a concept to the audience. Nevertheless, we did not use any visual aids to engage the audience. This could have contributed to lower concentration from the audience compared to when a visual aid would have been used. Additionally, group members were Chinese, and the linguistic ability was a little challenged.

At the personal level, I had issues with the pronunciation of some terms. This made the audience keep asking me to repeat some things I had said. Another problem is that I felt very nervous during the presentation. I did not have the confidence to stand in front of people and deliver a concept. This resulted in trembling. However, the fact that we were in a group helped me boost the confidence a little bit, although I occasionally forgot some items. More so, there was too much information on my part of the presentation, and the audience could barely concentrate on the details. This was because I had conducted a lot of research on the product and the technology involved in making it work well for the farmers. Besides the weaknesses, it was also clear that my interaction with the audience was not satisfactory. I did not involve them by asking questions; therefore, failed to retain their attention. However, I retained eye contact with the audience, which was a commendable thing.

The group presentation was a great chance to learn about how to make an effective presentation.  To begin with, I learnt that it is important to do adequate research on a subject so that the audience will understand the presentation content. Secondly, I learnt that the audience has to be involved in asking questions and occasionally stopping in the middle of the presentation. This method is effective in allowing interaction with the audience to avoid loss of concentration. Thirdly, I learn that it is important to practice before making the actual presentation so as to polish up on the language and avoid making pronunciation mistakes. More so, practice before the actual presentation is essential to enhance the non-verbal cues such as the use of gestures and retaining good eye contact. Finally, the group presentation was important in demonstrating the benefits of working in a group. Although sometimes it is better to produce individual work, a group has many benefits which include the following: first, a lot of information is gathered and later reviewed within the group to ensure its quality. Secondly, group work almost always produces better results than individual work. Thirdly, I learnt that group work allows people to handle sections of the work that would not have otherwise been handled well by one person.

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