Child Rights

Child Rights

May justice be exercised? This case analysis a family that has divorced before their child is born and the father does not get the golden opportunity to know he has a son. It takes two years for him to receive the news after the wife gave the child for adoption. For this case filed in court by the biological father Mr. White about custody of his child Junior, so that he can be taken from his adoptive home, I will settle for giving the biological father the right to custody.  The reasons as to why the wife gave the baby for adoption in this case do not matter since she is not the one asking for the custody of her son back, it is the father.

The adoptive family are not victims, in this case; they are the victimizers so does the father. Therefore, it does not matter whether the adoptive parents believe they are better parents or how the father walked out of the marriage, but the point remains that adoption laws always favor the biological parents (Carpenter, 2008). This is because we are not guaranteed that the child is safer living with the adoptive family.

It is in the best interest of a child to be with one of his biological parent. The chances of the child to adjust well to life after the custody battle in the hands of his father are high. The adoptive family is advised to drop the case because allowing them to start visiting the child from his father’s home will be quite confusing, and it will giving the child a double life which is not necessary.





Carpenter, G. (January 01, 2008). Constitutionally protected rights for parents? Tydskrif Vir Die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg, 3, 397-411.


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