Contrasting Views: Decolonization in Africa

Decolonization in Africa

The history of Africa is rich in contrasting views between African and the Western citizens. Historian both from Africa and Europe urge that both civilizations played a big role in emancipating African from the yolk of colonialism. For instance, some scholars argue that reason African gain independent is because the use of forced labor was no longer profitable.  On the other side, African credit their struggle to the establishment of Africa governed states.

The Mau Mau movement in Kenya is credited to have ousted the British colonial rule. They fought hard to have back their land from the white man who had commercialized agriculture and only benefited the Briton back in Europe. The Mau Mau leaders administered an oath of allegiance to all it soldier to wholeheartedly support the movement until they free their land or die in the struggle.

In South Africa, the strict segregation between whites and blacks resulted in the emergence of a long struggle among African that lasted from the 1950s to 1990s. African defied the apartheid system as it denied them their land, jobs and discriminated them in trade. Nonetheless, the whites that propagated for the apartheid system new the threats posed by a black majority. Thus, they needed a system that could protect them from being wiped out of the continent. Indeed, the white’s settlers have invested heavily in the country mining sector and agriculture. They were responsible for feeding the nation and thus the blacks were to up their freedom.

Gamal Abdel Nasser played a leading role to uplift the shattered economic of his country. For instance, he nationalized the Suez Canal from the control of foreigner and assured steady revenue for his country out of international trade through the Suez.   Kwame Nkrumah led His country, Gold Coast out of colonial domination. The British colonialism has deprived Ghana most of it natural resources and wreaked unimaginable anguish to African. Nonetheless, the British colonial rule in Gold Coast denies any wrongdoing but credit them in bringing modernity to a rather impoverished country.



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