Discuss the problem of love in Wuthering Heights and how it fits with elements of Victorian literature?

Problem of love in Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte was born in the romantic era and spent all his childhood in this period. Moreover, she also experienced the Victorian time in her adulthood until her death.  Therefore, Bronte literature in her only book Wuthering Height contains her experiences both in the romantic time and the Victorian era. For instance, she depicts two instances of the three-way relationship among Catherine Earnshaw, Heathcliff and Linton that explain the problem of love in the Romantic era.  Bronte also depicts the problem of love in the Victorian time with the analysis of a threesome relationship amongst Catherine Linton Heathcliff, Hareton Earnshaw and Linton Heathcliff that demonstrates the values of her adulthood (Bronte). This essay discusses the challenges experienced by couples in the Victorian time as put forward by Bronte in Wuthering Heights.

The circumstance of the Romantic period defined the role of women and their struggle in the Victorian era (Abrams and Stillinger 30). For instance, women had no place in the society in the Romantic period. Their roles were defined by bringing u their children and caring for the husband. In the economic sphere, women had no right to an equal job with their male counterparts. Moreover, no woman was allowed to participate in political movements. The Romantic period was defined by reason that only men were endowed with and thus left out women. Though there was love in this period, women found it difficult as they were looked down upon as a weaker sex.

In specific, Bronte describes the relationship of Heathcliff to his wife Catherine Earnshaw and his father Mr. Earnshaw. Heathcliff is hate everything thing else, and this is attributed to his difficult children under the hand of his father. He says that he was abused while he was still tender. Thus, the Romantic era defines a period characterized by bitterness among family members as well as the society. On the other hand, Catherine Earnshaw is presented as having an affair with Heathcliff to gain financial support rather than for love. She confesses that if she leaves Heathcliff she might spend the rest of her life as a beggar. The setting the relationship in the Romantic era is in Wuthering Heights a rather antagonizing place and characterized by the values of self.

The values of the Victorian era were as a result of the problem experienced in the Romantic era. There was social responsibility in Victorian time and feminism had taken root to advocate for women rights. As a result, compared to the Romantic period women had a better time in their workplaces as well as in their families. In this time, women could love whom their heart desires rather than being imposed a man by the society.  At this time education was an important tool for informing the ‘poor man.’

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