Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The United States presidential race has been trending in most media platforms such as social media, print media and also electronic media. It is a tough contest, and most of the candidates in the race have been the talk of most newsrooms and social platforms. This has enabled them to increase their fame and helped them gain more followers each and every day. The race is major between the major parties the Republican and the Democrats Party though more parties are included.  Donald Trump is one of the candidates running for the presidency on the Republican ticket against his fellows Republican Ted Cruz and John Kasich. On the other hand Democrats have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders while the green party and the libertarian party has Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Due his enormous support Donald Trump has more that need to be understood rather than bashing him for his rhetoric.

Donald Trump is the CEO of the Donald Trump organization and also a business mogul who owns a chain of hotels and casinos. Through his businesses he has amassed a lot of wealth to earn him the status of being a billionaire and this has put him in the limelight to a point of running for the presidency. From his campaign house, Donald has framed himself as a conservative due to his stand on different issues such as economics, domestic, individual rights among other issues. His agendas are majorly bent towards the conservative side and not the liberal side of view. He has been building his image as a business magnate who has had expanse experience in running his business empire that has had many setbacks and has been successful making him confident enough to run a successful campaign for the Republican nomination. For him, he has promised change that will make the country a great and haven for all the citizens.

Most of the time Donald Trump has been trending on social media and often he has caused an uproar among people across the globe due to careless comments he often makes during his campaign. This has earned his some negative image among Americans and also other people from across the world. This has led to him losing supporters to his other competitors, and also many people in America have grown to hate him while others love him. Many celebrities have publicly stated that if Donald Trump gets to be the president, they will move from America and settle in other countries. This shows how much many people have grown to dislike him and his policies over the ten months he has been running his presidency campaign.

Many media outlets have had their share of views on Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Todays Info website gives us reasons as to why Donald Trump would make the best president America has ever had while Emily Stewart elucidates in niceties what would occur to the US economy if Donald Trump was elected as the president (1).  These two articles help us as the voters to have a different frame of who Donald Trump is and if he would cast our vote in his favor or would we prefer to give another candidate our vote.

According to Lakoff theories, Donald Trump takes up the strict father model whereby he portrays himself as a father of a family that is ready to deal with all the bad that comes with his family (75-85). Donald policies are meant to be way strict on crimes, and also, he agrees on the government’s control of guns. In the recent past, the number of deaths both homicides and suicides attributed to gunshots has been on the rise in the United States of America. In this case, as Todays Info hint, this is one of the many reasons why Trump would be a better president than all other candidates (1). With crime rates on the rise someone who is ready to enforce strict rules and regulations is needed as the head to regain law and order back into the country. Often in a family with a strict father the children tend to be more obedient thus the reason this model suits to describe the frame of Donald Trump according to Lakoff theories (77).

Having being declared bankrupt several times while building his business empire, Donald becomes the fittest candidate to salvage the nation from its misery of debts its previous leaders has put it in. He believes in himself and his business mind, and this has propelled him into selling this idea of changing the American economy to be a better on. Many voters have been wowed by his achievements mostly the whites and they are likely to give him their votes. The website Todays Info gives this as another reason as to why he would be successful as a president since he has encountered many problems as a businessman and has emerged successful they believe that he will do the same for the nation (1).

Trump declares his stand on certain individual right issues such as abortion and gay, marriages. He tends to be more of a conservative on this issues, and this gives him a good image with the Christian community who also are against the two. He also agrees that God should be in the public sphere. Although Trump has not been really good with Muslims, he made comments to the media which was not so appealing making him an individual who will divide the country along religion lines. Although he tries so much to align himself with the Christians, he had no right to say that all Muslims are terrorists. Just because some of the terrorist are Muslims, it does not make all the Muslims terrorists.

Stewart analyzes all the economic impact that trumps policies would have on the American economy. Donald has made it clear that when he becomes the president of the United States the immigrants in the country will be in great trouble (1). He plans to build a wall between Mexico and the United States to prevent the immigrants from entering the country and also he does not agree with the reforms to grant illegal immigrants citizenship. In the United States, the emigrants have been a source of economic vitality. They have offered cheap labor and also work in the most of the sectors such as agriculture, and if Trump enforces his policies, then the food prices will shoot up putting America in a food crisis. Many companies also depend on immigrants as their consumers of their products. With them sent out of the country then means this company will be phased out of business thus at the end of the day it will affect the economy of the country.

Trump’s immigration views have cost him a lot in his life which included many business deals which he lost due to this. His plans are bound to weigh heavily on the Americans economy and each and every citizen will feel the pain of enforcing the immigration laws in the country. It is bound to reduce the total GDP of the country and also affect supply and demand of goods in the country which will greatly affect the economy of the country. According to many economy analysts with trumps plans, America’s economy is doomed. This is because Trump does not only disagree with free trade but also has plans to restrict the number of foreigners to work in the United States. This has raised many brows across the globe and has tainted trumps image, and not many global leaders and organizations are in support of his plans. He also has plans for putting sanctions to Muslims, and this will cause a lot of friction with the Middle East countries although his plans to expand the military and put the countries interest before anything will be for the good of the nation.

Donald Trump is an amazing individual to many people while to others he is America’s nightmare. Frames and narratives people give used to define who were to other people, and it shapes what view they have on who we are. In this election race, the media has played a great role in painting Donald Trump as the worst candidate for the presidency though most of his policies have helped him in selling his narrative of who he is. We should always make a firm statement in public of who we are as the media can change who we are over time.


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