Effect of the Internet on the Youth

Effect of the Internet on the Youth

There is a group of college graduates who have come together to form an online company that helps students with their research and report writing and go by the name Arcadia. The company, located in Culver City along Jasmine Avenue, hastens founders who are also its permanent employees though they look for more writers during peak seasons when orders are many. Arcadia also caters to companies that require good quality well-researched articles on their websites and product or company presentations. The founders of Arcadia met at a symposium when they were still students at the university and were surprised to find that they had each made similar systems aimed at helping students study and make meaningful contributions to knowledge by writing well researched and written papers. Upon graduating, they had met again at an interview for a popular software company but had all failed to get the position leading them to come together to create their business and website that had provided them with enough money and satisfaction than they believe could have been possible elsewhere.

At age 25, the three women two-man group had met after unsuccessfully looking for formal employment for two years and created their Arcadia Research Associates that put their tech and research skills to income generating use. They had had three years of success since their inception, were planning to scale up their operations, and had taken up offices in the residential area close to one of their Alma Mata. Jane and Jack were the system’s main developers tasked with ensuring that their site was always online and addressed client difficulties in placing orders or retrieving completed articles. Julian and Rose, the company’s editors and trainers, ensured the quality and completeness of orders before submission to the clients and handled complaints about completed orders. Naomi is the company’s administrator end ensures that all utilities and payments are made and received on time.

The team at Arcadia agreed to have me conduct my research in their office through both observation and actual interviews. According to Farr, taking advantage of the internet to make a living and provide employment and learning opportunities in community is among the emerging jobs in the market (5). The person I preferred to interview was Julian. I asked him about how often he used text messages, and he said that he mostly texts the clients about the content of their orders or revision status. He says that social media platform he often uses is WhatsApp and Twitter. According to him, Whatsapp had a correspondent feature to enable browser integration to allow other members to respond to clients. He also uses Twitter to follow trending topics to be updated on the news. He also said he also surfs the web for information since the client orders have different content requirements through the company website since he does not have his personal website. The websites he regularly visits is the economist and Washington post for updated financial, social and political news. Additionally, his emails are mainly from and to clients who place orders and revisions. However, Julian socializes on social media approximately an hour on a typical working day. This usually happens during the short breaks from regular working hours. He is, however, frequently using the phone to make clarifications to the writers and confirming instructions from the clients and less for transacting personal business.

Through observation while in the company, I noted their cyber activity concentrates around research to ensure their orders are comprehensive and of high quality. To facilitate this objective, Julian said that they had subscribed to some research and online library services to allow them access to a large number of books and other media and ensure their orders are well researched and written. They also closely monitor their website and have alerts to ensure incoming orders are received and worked on as soon as they are received. He further added that prompt response through the technology available increases customer satisfaction leading to referrals that translate to increased clients and orders and generating more revenues for Arcadia and profits for its founders. I enquired how they were able to replenish their knowledge base given the nature of their job. Rose asserted that the group also spends a lot of time improving their skills through constant learning through online schools that they also maintain subscriptions with. This helps them to improve the quality of the work they do improving their service delivery and leading to increasing in orders and clients.

I also observed that most communications with clients are done through Arcadia’s website, which allows clients to create accounts from where they can upload orders, and instructions, which are then accessible by the team at Arcadia for action. The web application handles all order related queries, and before the order is uploaded, the client gets the cost of the completed work. According to Rose, correspondence is also facilitated once logged on with clients having access to an in-app messaging system. The clients can also communicate with Arcadia through email incase the system is unavailable. Their system maintains an incident log to enable the team respond to client queries promptly. Notably, they also maintain social media accounts for their business although Julian said that he rarely uses it. The social platforms facilitate their interactions with clients and provide them with cheap marketing.

Unlike most of their peers, myself included, the team at Arcadia is harnessing the cyber world to generate income and create employment for others while also maintaining active social activities on the net (Delgado3). Most of their online social activity I noticed ends up generating more client leads and improving their service delivery by meeting with other research professionals and marketing their services. As the rest of us unconsciously use cyberspace for socialization and waste countless hours on gossip, they are making conscious use of the same tools to create employment and generate revenues for themselves.

Arcadia has managed to create employment for themselves and their employees enabling them to make sufficient money to sustain them and their dependents. They have also been able to cultivate a large and healthy network of clients and business interests that have increased their revenues and profits and helped them amass a considerable amount of wealth through various investments (Scherer15). Their practices are effective in helping them attract and maintain clients to ensure continued revenues from a constant supply of orders while ensuring they offer high-quality service through continuous learning. Cyber relating has enhanced their social lives by enhancing their communications with their loved ones, and they can send them money by using online banking services whenever they are in need. They are also able to communicate with people effectively in person as was evident in their interactions with other tenants, delivery services personnel and some walk in clients and job seekers. They maintain high levels of professionalism throughout all their interactions and attend to tasks with patience and attention to detail. I also learned from their staff that they organize frequent gatherings for their staff and their families and friends and hold events for their corporate clients.

Given that, we all have access to the same resources, why some youth choose to exploit these resources for economic gain while some remains oblivious of their potential is a major cause for concern. More research into identifying what causes these differences can help in the creation of awareness to help increase the number of youth exploiting cyberspace for meaningful activities that provide them with income and knowledge. It could also lead to the identification of policies that could have significant effects on reducing unemployment in the country.

The most interesting part of the company is that they operate interdependently. Julian said that the interactions within the workplace were also through WhatsApp since it is an instant messaging application. However, he noted that the quality of interactions with other people away from the workplace was declining. The anti-social behavior was a personal concern to him and he was seeking ways to remain relevant when with other people. Additionally, Julian concluded that his ability to concentrate on issues had improved significantly while on site but forgot much faster when away from the internet.



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