Hillary Clinton Bond with Migrants


Hillary Clinton Bond with Migrants

Hillary Clinton is portrayed as not short of concern for the differences that have become evident as attributed to the diversity in the United States. She is conscious of leaders’ moral responsibility to embrace all and meet them at their most delicate junctures in their life.

In a campaign that has revolved around some ethical issues, some Republicans with Donald Trump leading from the front have drawn the Hispanics negatively (Corasaniti, 2016). The interaction of the crying child in the advert elates every viewer’s emotion empathizing with the likes of Hispanics and other immigrants. The emotional breakdown from the kid and the compassionate words from Hillary Clinton remind everyone that sending people away will lead to family breakdown. Clinton is rational to demonstrate her comprehension of this struggle. She owns up the fight and logically promises to act on behalf of all immigrants.

The candidate is portrayed as one who has had the best grip on the issue of migration. Probably inspired by the fact that the indigenous people of this land were not even the present Americans, but others, she underscores the fact that all are immigrants.

She finds an audience in those who believe that America should be bound together. It has always been great and that what to be done is to establish oneness that is not inspired by ethnic differences.

I find this an appropriate reaction at a time when different ethnic groups in the United States are finding it hard to come to terms with the reality of being separated with their loved ones. Parents would be deported subjecting children and others to psychological traumas.





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