Important of Communication

Important of Communication

In the entire human sphere, the decision is driven by communication. In the institution, businesses as well as in government communication in an important drive that ensures coordination of task, responsibility and delivery of service. In this regard, there is need to learn how to communicate in different forms including letter, resume, and internal memo. How well these formal communications are written ensures an easier understanding, a feedback or action toward a given course.

Formal writing is a skill that student need to nurture long before they graduate from college. This is because once is expected to write a resume when seeking an attachment for the job and later on internal memo within a given organization. Thus, the skill is as important as it enable one to define oneself and also seek the indulgence of other people when in need.

Nonetheless, however, good a letter or a resume is written is may fail to deliver the intended message if it is badly designed. A good letter requires being in an eligible font, well designed to appeal the audience to read as well as in the write format so that the recipient can understand the aim of the writing. Therefore, this course is one of the important subjects that you will get long life skills to equip you to face the world.

I want to thank everyone for undertaking this course. You have been instrumental in developing better scholars that the society can rely on now and in the future. Understanding of how to write letters, resume, and internal memo will play an integral part in your life. Moreover, formal communication requires being done in a manner that is eligible, appealing and attractive to avoid miscommunication. Thus, learning how to write different formal and informal letters help in bettering our organization and interpersonal communication. And lastly, I want to thank you the reader for having time to read this communique.

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