How to Improve on Introduction Part on a Research Paper

How to Improve on Introduction Part on a Research Paper

One of the areas that need improvement is the introduction part of the research paper. The introduction is an essential and crucial part of the research paper that ushers the reader to your work. As the saying goes, you never have a second chance to make the first impression. Therefore, the introduction ought to provide the reader with the initial impression of the main argument, the writing style and the general quality of work. Moreover, it ought to act as a road map for the entire research paper by first letting the reader know the topic of discussion, why it is significant for them read, and how one has planned to organize the discussion (Haisler, 2011). Further, introduction ought to capture the interests of the reader making them want to read the entire paper. In this regard, I need to improve on the format on writing the introduction so as to incorporate all the components highlighted.

According to the article by the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (2014), there are several strategies one can adopt to improve the introduction. First, the writer ought to think of the question he is trying to answer. Secondly, deciding on the broadness of the opening line. In this context, the writer ought to keep the big picture that the statement should be related to the topic. For instance, on may start with an attention grabber which may an intriguing example, a puzzling scenario and among others. According to UniLearning (2000), most introductions are funnel shaped starting with general case moving to specific.  In most cases it should begin with the orientation of the reader to the paper, then followed by a thesis statement which highlights what the paper will cover and guides the researcher during writing. Moreover, a research question (s) may also be formulated to guide the writer in formulating the topic sentences in the body of the paper. By following these procedures, they will greatly aid in writing an effective introduction




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