Jack Welch & Isadore Sharp

Jack Welch & Isadore Sharp

1)      What are the successful keys to Jack Welch’s leadership? (at least two things)

1.      A successful leader sets an atmosphere that is not formal in the workplace and during meetings, which can be achieved by allowing the staff members to express themselves and to air their opinions when the need arises.

2.      Successful leadership is achieved by having zero tolerance to bureaucracy. The procedures involved in the execution of a decision should be flexible and less tedious and involving.  Thus, this can be achieved by dropping any unnecessary work that would slow decision-making process. The staff members and colleagues should work together to streamline the decision-making process.

  • What are the successful keys to Isadore Sharp’s leadership? (at least two things)
    • One particular element according to Sharp is motivation. The workers should psych up to serve in their line of duty especially when dealing with clients. This could be done through incentives like bonuses, overtime payments, promotions, and recognition in the particular organizations.
    • A leader would achieve success by being responsible for being accountable for one’s actions, dealing, and owning up outcomes. As such, the staff members emulate the leader and own up their jobs especially in the service industry. Clients are attended to as the workers perceive them as their responsibility.
  • What are the similarities/differences in the leadership between Jack Welch and Isadore Sharp?
    1. Similarities of the leadership

Both characters suggest a form of leadership that is people oriented. A leader has to focus on the staff as well as the clients or customers. By creating a good atmosphere at the workplace, the staff members will serve in a jovial and happy mood that will facilitate success. In this case, those who benefit will include the clients and will tend to develop loyalty towards the company. Both leaders aim at this achievement.

  1. Differences of the leadership

Jack Welch suggests a leadership that portrays the overall leader as a partner and a colleague. He does not like the idea of managing as he feels this would make staff members as subjects of his authority. As such, he suggests a formal, casual atmosphere that would encourage staff members to share opinions and express their creativity at the same time. On the other hand, Sharp believes in an environment surrounded by a high sense of responsibility, which comes with authority. There is a sense of domination over workers in his approach an aspect he believes would instill order and accountability.

  • How will you apply what you learned from the leadership? (at least two things)
    1. The idea of dissolving formality and creating a less tensed atmosphere will suit my ideal type of leadership as suggested by Jack Welch. Having a one on one interaction with workers or colleagues without acting boss will open a forum for the expression of ideas, creative inventions, and ideas that make the company better.
    2. Another useful skill will be the tendency to eliminate bureaucracy in my leadership style. This will involve setting straightforward approaches to handling decision-making process. The procedures involved have to be flexible to save time and resources spent on service delivery.
  • As a future leader, what are the qualities that you want to develop to make yourself more effective and more customer-focused leader? Focus on you and your personal career goals for development and growth as a leader.

One quality that will come in handy is integrity, which will involve attending to others, as I would want them to attend to me. A degree of honesty and addressing their specific needs will be an everyday rule. Another aspect will be in the form having a high sense of responsibility. My actions will affect the quality of service delivered to customers. In the event of tangible products, it will be my responsibility to ensure that they meet the set standards to ensure satisfaction. Additionally, I will make an effort to be a motivator. It will be my concern to see that my staffs are in the right state of mind to serve clients and to work for the entire organization. Through this will be able to achieve by offering aspects that lift up their spirits for the job.


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