Lady Gaga. Til It Happens To You

Lady Gaga. Til It Happens To You

Sexual objectivity is rampant in the popular culture. The most vivid being the Rnb music industry. In these genres, every video has to depict images of naked girl and women as a fashion to express their beauty. As such they are used as a representation or as an object to serve the desires of the industries followers. Thus, the producer of music uses part of the images of girls to gratify the need of many young individuals who are obsessed to see nudity. Moreover, through the use of the sexual object in the music video the producer is assured of the high volume of sales.

(Source: Gaga production)


The video by Lady Gaga is full of women who are half naked. All of them have their legs exposed (Gaga). The producer thus aims to use the image of half-naked women to achieve a predetermined objective.  Therefore, the music portrays women in a negative way as an object for entertainment and for making sales. Though they are few men in this video, the producer does not represent them as he does to women.  Men are revealed in a decent manner but play a role of seductive to the women in the video. This is a contrast of how women and men are portrayed in many video and films.

Therefore, music producers use sexual objectivity communicates to their audience in a manner that they interpret these images as a symbol of beauty, values and attractiveness. However, this is not the case with our society and thus, what has emerged is a subculture that likes sexual objectivity as a new thing rather than the old closed culture.



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