Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics

  1. Question One

A stethoscope is one of the essential tools used by nurses day by day. It is used to listen to the heart, veins and sometimes intestines to ensure that they are functioning in the right way when examining patients. The current electronic stethoscope has decreased errors in various ways. The amplified sound output makes it easy and fast for the nurses to detect as well as determine the medical condition of the patients. The enhanced frequency enables the nurses to identify various medical issues in the patient because they generate their sounds. Further, the ambient noise reduction capability of the electronic stethoscope enables the nurses to concentrate and listen very clearly. Also, it can record as well as replay data which can later be transferred to the medical records. Additionally, the visual display enables the nurses to view the digital display because they can be able to listen to it through their headphones and detect more problems which are hard to detect using the auditory channels.

  1. Question Two

Documentation in the nursing practice is very important in ensuring good clinical communication. This kind of documentation should reflect on the assessments conducted on patients, any changes in the condition, and the kind of care that is provided. Documentations provide a good source of evidence. It should be done professionally because it is a medical, legal requirement. Assessment information is required to complete the patient care. This is done when the patient is admitted to a medical facility where a nurse assesses the condition of the patient to detect the problems to determine the kind of treatment that is required. This is done with various parts of the body depending on the signs and symptoms of the illness. After the assessment, the actions taken should also be documented. This includes the kind of interventions that should be done on the patients. This many require further investigation by a medical doctor.

Nurses document all changes in care and treatment over time. That is, how the patient has responded, any changes, improvements, deterioration and finally the recommendations and further plan for care (Lavin, Harper & Barr, 2015). All this documentation is necessary to track the progress of the condition of the patient. This information is transmitted accurately because nurses take shifts and record all information on time. This information is needed by the doctors to determine recommendations and interventions that are required. This was transmitted electronically, and there was no redundancy.

  1. Question Three

In cases where I am attending to a patient with acute pain on the leg, I will apply the following care plan steps. I will start by conducting an assessment to determine where the pain is and its impacts on the patient. This will be followed by a diagnosis to determine whether it has been caused by inflammation or swelling. Further, I will provide some interventions like giving them pain relief medication or aromatherapies to reduce the pain. There after I will evaluate the progress of the patient for period of time to determine whether any other interventions are required. Also, in cases of acute pain I would recommend mobility assistance to be given to the patient to minimize further inflammation as a result of pressure.


Lavin,M.A., Harper, E.m.,& Barr, N. (2015). Health Information Technology, Patient Safety, and Professional Nursing Care Documentation in Acute Care Settings: Online Journal Issues in Nursing, 20, pp. 1-8.

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