Pacem in Terris

Pacem in Terris

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Religion is an important organ in fostering a peaceful coexistence. Over, the history of the church there has never been any other document that addressed the problem of confrontation at a time of great suffering than the Pacem in Terries. Therefore, for what Pope John XXIII achieved in talking to the world leader in a manner that they could understand and by applying Catholic theology make this an importance literature for a religious student.

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Pope John XXIII was passion about peace and spent all his life as a Pope advocating for peaceful coexistence among religions and region and ethnic barriers. His reign came to the backdrop of the Great War and the Second World War. During this time, Christian had suffered severely in Germany and other countries in the Middle East. Moreover, before the establishment of the Popes organization for peace, the world has had witnessed the formation of the United Nation help fight the growing tension among nations. Further, during 1963, there was a need for conciliation and an end to the nuclear arms race and the cold War between American and Russian.  Thus, John XXIII role in brings peace was at the right time and saved the life of humanity.

Thus, the Pacem in Terris was formed in the backdrop of the turmoil that characterized the world in the late 17 and early 18 century. The Catholic teaching argues that the Universe was created by God for people to coexist harmoniously. Though the teaching does not rely on theological teaching alone it borrows leave to philosophical and classical argument for a just society. Moreover, Pacem in Terris makes use of the natural law paradigm more than the scriptural knowledge.

It through natural laws that Pope John XXIII based his encyclical argument that government must have respect for human dignity (John XXIII). He fostered for a condition that ensured that people lived in a dignified and human manner further from antagonizing of states machinery. In addition, the Pope advocated for the nurture of human development. This was aimed at ensuring that people were allowed to engage in trade, farming other social economic activities that enabled them to have a livelihood.

The Pacem in Terris also pursues a rightful public authority that is entrusted with the legitimate power of service for humanity. Pope John XXIII believed that the role of government was to provide services to its citizens rather than rule over them (John XXIII). In this, he believed that government would desist from confrontation among them to engage in community development that was healthy for the physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing of the people.

Within the teaching on natural law and justice, Pope John XXIII was able to respond to the political establishment at the time. Thus, he condemned the heightened relation between the US and Russia who were engaging in proxy war in Korea.  His understanding of theology helps him provides a solution that brought nations and state together. He emphasized on intra-relations within nations. For instance, he said, “In their deliberations together, let men (sic) of outstanding wisdom and influence give serious thought to the problem of achieving a more human adjustment of relations between states …”( John XXIII).

In the Pacem in Terris, the Pope provided was through which dispute could be resolved. For example, he argued that in a time of war leaders must act on ways for a condition of peace.  For him he believed that conflict can only be resolved by discussion, negotiation and agreement and not by the remedy of war (John XXIII). In the Pacem in Terris, he condemned the arms race as an effort to be human intellectual, social and material wealth that could be harnessed to help the masses (John XXIII).

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I believed that Pope John XXIII achieved his aim in resolving the world gravest conflict. He brought a voice of reason to the warring parties and help in ending the Cold War. Moreover, the Pope writing for peace has contributed heavily to the United Nation agreements as states and nations have borrowed heavily to the reasoning of the Pope. Today we enjoy human right thank to the advocate of Pope John XXIII. Further, the world is enjoying peaceful situation as states have established ways of relating to each other through economic interaction rather than completion for sharing of limited resources. Lastly, the Pope concludes the Pacem in Terris by informing the Catholic to cooperate all over the world as one people and to respect their authority in fostering for peace. Thus, I do agree that this is an important document that has help humanity even after the death of Pope John XXIII.



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