Permitting Concealed Guns on Campus for Safety

Permitting Concealed Guns

The issue of allowing concealed carry for college and university student has in the recent year’s elicited debate due to increased mass shooting. There are those who disagree with the campus carry decision arguing that it may lead to increased death rather than offer individual protection. According to the report by the FBI, about 1.2 million people suffer from violent crimes in the United States (Oblinger, 2013). However, about 3000 cases are recorded as committed in campuses (Oblinger, 2013). Thus, going by this statistic one can deduct that colleges and universities are relatively safe compared to the rest of public places. Nonetheless, the life of innocent children cannot be left unprotected. The student just like another citizen ought to be provided with the right to campus carry so that they can defend themselves in life-threatening circumstances.

According to Laura Houser Oblinger, the student ought to be allowed to exercise their constitution mandate of protecting themselves (2013). The Second amendment allows a citizen to the right of self-protection. Moreover, because the institution has more often failed to protect free holding gun students they should thus pass laws that would allow for concealed guns in campuses. Furthermore, the danger of terrorism-related cases and threat require that student should be allowed to protect themselves while in school and out of school.

The campus concealed carry states legislatures can help minimize the cases of school mass shooting.  No student should be allowed to suffer from a lone gunman without defending themselves whatsoever. Therefore, I support for concealed weapons on campuses to save the life of our future generation.




Oblinger, L. H. (2013). The Wild, Wild West of Higher Education: Keeping the Campus Carry Decision in the University’s Holster. Washburn Law Journal, 53, 87.

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