Principal of Comparative Politics

Principal of Comparative Politics

Human behaviors are prompted by action taken in politics to set up a policy document that guides a country social, political and economic sphere.  To this end, Roberts, Golder, and Nadenichek argue that politics influences much of human action. They say that people reaction is a game that is characterized by the “exit, voice, and loyalty” strategies in the realm of human conduct. Therefore, politics is people attitude to change and how they articulate their feelings.

For example, Roberts, Golder, and Nadenichek say that people either accepts, reject, or give up on change.  For instance, it is evidenced in the US that people react differently when new policies are adopted. One of the most common law that elicited fierce debate is the ‘Obama care.’ The Republican Party has vowed to repeal the healthcare plan when they take over the presidency. Moreover, they have instigated several law suits objecting some clauses of the law. This is eminence of the ‘voice’ game that defines politics. Through this people engage in demonstrations, petition, lobbying, and petitions to bring back prior status quo they are familiar with.

On the other hand, people do accept changes as they are introduced and adjust their conduct as well. This is synonymous with the ‘exit’ strategy discussed by Roberts, Golder, and Nadenichek. In many a time, the majority of people who support the government at hand accept the changes it brings and move on. This is evidenced by the millions of people who registered for health insurance under the ‘Obama care.’ Lastly, political movement brings changes that citizen does accept, but they recede to adjust their behaviors.  This kind of action is geared to protecting the existing state of affairs.

Thus, Roberts, Golder, and Nadenichek argue that the “voice, exit, loyalty” game explain what politics is. People either support change and their behaviors, agitate to protect their current situation, or accept the changes, but retain their earlier set of behaviors.




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