Race: The Power of an Illusion

Race: The Power of an Illusion

  1. What do we mean when we say that race is socially constructed?

Social constructionism of race is a socially agreed believed among a group of people about others because of the differences in skin color. For over a long time people have believed to the argument that some people social status is guaranteed due to their race. This discrimination is a creation of a few to their advantage.

  1. What did you find particularly interesting and disturbing in the information you reviewed?

It was intriguing to find that over time racism has been institutionalized to entrench inequality among the minor group in the country. Moreover, to learn the discrimination changes with political changes is disheartening of when it will ever end (Race Timeline).

  1. How did this information increase your diversity consciousness?

Understanding that racism is a socially constructed awakens my conscience to demand actions that perpetuate inequality among the American people. The illusion about race has for a long time made people believe the status quo that some people can access preferential services while disregarding the others. I now understand that all people are equal under the law and require equality at all times and circumstances.

  1. How will you use this increased consciousness?

The biased toward a section of our society is wrong, and I will strive to see people as equal while challenging politics and policies that sideline people of Asian, African and others ethnicity. I endeavor to stand for equality while in college and even when I graduate. Through this, I am sure I will do what is right and just in my capacity.




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