Reel Injun

Reel Injun

It is fascinating to watch over the Reel Injun time and again. The movie is so informative that one does not get to learn everything that there in the film. One of the things I did learn on my second watch of the movie is that most of the films in Hollywood are full of stereotype. They depict a picture that is not real and tend people to believe they are the facts on the ground. The aboriginal are the typical American and have nothing difference apart from their preserved culture. Though the movie is entertaining, it has detriment effects on the Native American.  Therefore, I could understand through the film that not everything that should be trusted persee without verifying the circumstances.

Neil Diamond effort to bring to portray the true image of the Indigenous People is applauding. I like the way he brings out their life through “the romance of the tragedy.” Through this, I understand that what I go through is the same as to what other people experience in their life. As a person, I like the history of our country so much and do not find it monotonous watching the narration of the First Nations and its inhibitors. The history of our culture is intriguing. I learn through the movie that the cowboy and originate from the Indians who still today practice horse-riding with gusto.

Reel Injun film is educative and has a sense of humor through celebrity commentaries. This provides a balance as the negative portrayal of the Aboriginal draws enormous criticism from Jesse Wente and Melinda Micco. Diamond takes us through the history of American film and thus enlightens us on the things that need a change in the industry. It is interesting to note that over a long period directors of the film took a single depiction of people with none to correct the anomalies that existed. Watching people shoot the Indians in the movie is disheartening of the movie directors.  Thus, it calls for a reflection on the true meaning behind the movie. Nonetheless, one can fathom that the Natives American were a point of reference for the protagonist in the movie industry.

The setting of the movie is captivation. One enjoys watching the mountainous valley, the Black Hills of Dakota and other American iconic landscapes. Moreover, learning the experiences of the actors behind the many clips used to make Reel Injun give it credibility trust the theme and objectives of Neil Diamond.

The movie also shows the struggle of the Natives American from the negative representation in the film industry. For instance, I liked the film display of the Hippies trying to imitate the Aboriginal, but at the same time trying to keep their identity too. Though the media subdued the Indians for a long time, there was some movie like Billy Jack that advocated for the rights of the natives. Moreover, the plight of the Indians took shape in the film as well as in political agitation. For example, they took charge and seized Wounded Knee and Alcatraz Island, which had been grabbed from them. This point is important and shows the climax of a long battle. Thus, the movie is well set from the beginning, middle and the end with every part showing the progress of emancipation from stereotyping.  Another point to note in the movie is the action of Marlon Brando. He refused to show up at the Academy Awards protesting the poor representation of the Natives American in the movie industry.  It is after these events that such other film like Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest were produced that changed the narrative of the “Ijun.”

Reel Injun is a good movie that is educative and entertaining. The movie has a lot of scenes that are disheartening, but as it progresses one get to notice the changes and representation of the real issue that explains the “Ijun.”  At first, Diamond shows how the earliest film showcased the picture of the Native American. They had a bad notion of the Aboriginal and regarded them as a lesser being from the white people. Nonetheless, the actors attest that their work then was just acting and did not in any way display the true picture of the Natives. It is also important to know that the Native American never got it lightly for the work of the film industry. They protested in all avenues they could see from the political sphere to the film industry as well.



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