Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

I am a passionate caregiver at home and even at my school.  Over my childhood to adulthood, I have catered for my little sibling when our parents were away from work.  Thus, my desire to pursue a nursing course is borne out of nurture, and I believe if I can get a professional training I can be one of the finest nurses the country have ever have. I am focused to be the best nurse that patients can depend on having the abilities and skills to assist safe life as well as championing the rights and well-being of my clients from the harsh bureaucracies and inept of unconcerned caregivers. I believe it is the service of a nurse that helps redeem compassion among patients who have lost hope in circumstances of their illness. Therefore, being a nurse with empathy and compassion can help bring a difference in the nursing career with a clear positive difference in patient’s life at their most vulnerable moment in their lives.

For me, becoming a nurse is a calling and not a mere endeavor to pursue a career. I have studied business in college, but I know that was not what I wanted to do in life. My parent choice of my career is so different to mine because when they want me to pursue a bachelor degree in business schools I have to disagree with them now and them to take up my passionate desire to become a nurse. Moreover, after graduating from college, I have worked as a clerk in an automotive manufacturing company for four years. Through my duties, I offered to volunteer to offer first aid to my fellow workmate when they were injured in the process of their duties. This has exposed me to important a few of the important skills that a nurse requires fulfilling his or her duties.

In the past three years into my marriage, I have developed a burning desire to pursue a degree in nursing. Throughout my pregnancy, I understood the importance of good care, and I cannot wait to serve expectant mother resolve many of the challenges that they go through over the period of nine months.  Eight months into my pregnancy I almost lost my baby, but thanks to the services of a nurse I was able to deliver safely without complication. This is another reason why I cherish to become a nurse to help mothers and their infants. Thus, knowledge of medicine will not only help me cater for my patients, but also for my colleague at home and at work. There is nothing as passionate to me as helping and caring for other people.

Nursing career does not only impact change in a healthcare institution but also in the family setup. Being a nurse will make me one of the best mothers my children would have. Given that children are exposed to danger at all time while in school or at home, I will be in a better position to know their well-being. Moreover, as children grow thy experience psychological and physical changes that sometimes become a concern to them. Therefore, I would be able to cater for such eventuality over their lives. As patient require a good caregiver, so do husband. I love my husband and would need to look after him in the best way possible. Studying a career in nursing would help me bring forth a healthy family free of sedentary lifestyles that pose a danger to the development of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.

There is no joy than helping the most people in need in society. This is not driven my desire for money or recognition, but seeking fulfillment out of doing what is right. This is the main reason I want to pursue a nursing profession. Patients who are bedridden for burns, terminal illness and other life-threatening diseases require champions to see them over recovery process. This is not the work of faint-hearted, but of brave men and women who sacrifices their time to provide care even in odd hours.  Furthermore, I look forward understanding the best practices that minimize patient’s fatalities. I understand that there are limited researchers toward improving best practices among nurses. Therefore, a scholarship in nursing can help me bridge the gap that is there when I pursue a Master’s degree later on in my career.  Life is a continuous process and so make careers. I look forward to increasing my knowledge in medicine to bring new knowledge as well as innovation in the industry.

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