Sex is a mesmerizing topic for the reason that it has strong emotional state, its budding for preference, and because of the intensely held traditional beliefs that surround it. Sexual desire cannot exist without a suitable mental perspective, or else its lovely feelings would not be in cases where it is coerced. In the case of coercion, the target may be muddled over whether he or she relished the happenstance. Thus, it is also likely for a dupe to appreciate the bodily feelings and yet agonize much more from the emotive anguish. Sometimes ladies give our partners difficult time to guess whether we are willing to engage in sexual contact when we both are potentially in a sexual situation. Sex is a very important element in a relationship and that is why men go out there and cheat because they are denied by their partners. If you are in a meaningful relationship, it is advised to make your partner aware when you need sex.

Section 1: What Do You Think?

  1. How do you think a man or woman can best make sure that their partner is really willing to engage in sex?

Sometimes if it is just not happening between the sheets with your partner, there are ways to make them really willing to engage in sex. While guys are normally up for sexual role every time and anywhere irrespective of the state of affairs, women incline to prerequisite a bit of stimulation. The following are ways to make your partner willing to have sex with you. First, men are considered to be turned on the moment the idea of sex comes in their minds. They just need to create virtual images of a naked woman body in their minds, while women are turned on by the man’s appearance. Therefore, if you are a lady and you want your man to have sex with you then it is very simple. You just need to stay half naked and give the man a hunch with sexy postures in order to create an urge for sex. Women are very individualized when it comes to the time they favor to get it on. Females need to have sex when their sensation is at preeminent. It does not really mean that partners should have sex at night when they are both in bed, in fact, that can be the worst time for a woman. Women like to engage in sexual contact when they at ease and have the energy for the encounter. They like most when they are strongly coupled with their companions. Therefore, if your woman to feel more connected to you sexually pay attention to those details to ensure she feels more energized or chilled out.  It is the obligation of a man to try to think outside the box as he may get lucky and get a quickie right before her shower. Smell is also another factor that stimulates sexual attraction. If you are a lady you always have to smell nice. Scent plays a significant role in defining his preparedness to have sex with a woman. I think this also basically applies to a woman too.

Another fact for women for sure is that the best way to get to her is through her emotions. Therefore, what a man articulates is more vital than what he does when he is courting. Women love accolades that directed towards their appearance. A man needs to know the right choice of words when trying to win a partner in bed. As a couple, you know what complements would turn off your lady and the ones that would bring her closer. Additionally, the compliments do not necessarily need to be about her appearance, you can make allusions to forthcoming undertakings you would like to do together. This is a sign of obligation which can actually be sexually appealing to womenfolk. Women love men who sound and act responsible, therefore, it is an extra point. By choice of words, you as the man can decide to create some sense of humor. If a fellow can make a lady giggle, it lessens her and flairs her to get interested in him. There is no harm acting like a teenager, if you know laughing and chuckling with your partner can get her get to you then why not? You can joke around, like posting such statements, “Hey you do have anything to help little me?” it is okay to flirt with your partner since it brings more fun all around and create moods for making loving

  1. What if you or your Companion has had a few Drinks

I believe we tend to give clear signals when we need to engage in sexual contact with our partners when we get some few drinks. When we take the first sip of wine, for instance, it initiates some social conversations that are sometimes naughty. We tend to feel looser, more open and much more relaxed. It makes one confident to take his or her partner to bed. It brings pleasure, and for the lady, she will not resist showing her interests in having sex with you as the boyfriend or husband. Talking of red wine as the specific drink for the ladies it causes sex drive to become even more pronounced. On the other hand, for the men, it increases the levels of testosterone, the hormones responsible for arousing him sexually. I believe with no doubt that few drinks make your partner more interested in sex than he or she would be if sober.

Section 2: What Does Research Tells Us?

  • Discuss the male and female socialization patterns that seem to contribute to the widespread occurrence of rape in our society.

            There is a connection between gender role attitudes, victims of rape and the rape perceptions which most researchers have focused on for a very long time. There was a need and still is to ensure the mentality of people towards socialization patterns and rape change. The whole cultures have been diminished to be in a rape cultures. Research shows that there is indication to propose that rape culture is interrelated with other social aspects and manners (“Understanding the Perpetrator”). When men grow to be taught to be dominant and aggressive in almost everything that they do, often leads to increased state of activity that relates to masculinity, male peer support for being sexually aggressive, there is also the development of rape myths as well as hostile sexual belief (“Understanding the Perpetrator”). Research indicates that date rapists were more sexually active at the same time frustrated more than controls, and they believed rape could be justified under certain conditions. Rape myths have always been present in our societies.

There is one myth that has indicated rape as an offense of desire that is driven by sexual urge (Ben-David & Schneider 386). However, not all researchers agree to this, but they agreed with the fact that rape associations the elements of control, fury, and sexuality. Research has indicated that all men are adept of rape at veracious situations. Accepting the gender roles for both men and women influence the endurance of rape. Research has pointed its focus why women who are restricted to their social roles blamed if they are raped; they found that they usually have the sexual urge hence encourage the act. When the rape victims are found to have consistently related with the traditional gender norms, then the likelihood of them to be blamed more than the rapist himself is more.

Individuals who hold less traditional gender-role conformations tend to blame the victimless and condemn the rapist. Even after the rights of women in the society have adjusted, women are often blamed for such cases. Nonetheless, we tend to regard rape by an acquaintance a less offense compared to that committed by a partner. I believe all are rape cases regardless the level of personal knowledge about the other person. This belief has given our men in the society permission to take advantage of their women. It has given them an upper hand of subjecting the women to some unattractive actions hence the tendency to consider his actions unacceptable reduces.   We have greatly changed the definition of rape in our minds as that is why rape cases have continued to be rampant in our societies. This applies to the kind of punishments given to the offender if at all any is given; shorter sentences for the partner rapists and date rapists as compared to the stranger rapists. We have the society to blame, we have made it as right for the man to receive conjugal rights from the wife, giving them power over women even when they are incapable of having sex. In communities where sexual fierceness goes scot-free, men are the ones probable to oblige sexual viciousness.

  • Discuss the role of “sexual coercion” and “miscommunication” as they relate to date rape

Sexual coercion is the act of using skillful pressure such as drugs, alcohol or even force to have sexual interaction with somebody who made it clear that he or she does not want to have sex with them. It is the act of being persuasive when the other party is less concerned and actually afraid. Date rape occurs with someone familiar to the victim. Research indicates that feminists tend to believe that rape is one of the ways men keep women in less powerful positions in the society by instilling fear in them. Women are usually sexually coerced with their dates since these kinds of men blame them to having wasted their time and money on a date, so if they do not return the favor back by having sex they rape them. Date rapists are egocentric and do not have empathy towards their victims since they believe as if it is their right to be given sex. They are identified with extreme masculine gender roles. Consenting to one action, for instance accepting to go on a date with someone does not really mean you have already accepted another action (having sex with the date). This is usually what happens during a sexual coercion, there is a lack of consent and the coercive partner always has no respect for boundaries.

Research has been carried and the results indicate that date rape has determined how gender roles and sexual frameworks have greatly contributed for miscommunication between men and women. The sexual script that men and women have when conferring for sexual activity have been influenced by the cultural standards that define masculinity and femininity. A man tends to believe that if he pushes his sexual advances harder, the woman will eventually submit. This belief has caused sexual miscommunication between men and women in the society hence misleading individual’s perception towards other’s sexual motives. Date rapists cannot be anything better than being narcissists, individuals who feel insulted when women refuse their sexual advances.

To sum up, it is very important to understand the prevailing knowledge of the physiognomies of the rape crime. This will enable us to construct the social beliefs and perceptions regarding rape effectively and make the knowledge more reliable. This will greatly assist altering the social environment which chains sexual offenses. As societies we need to diminish the severity of rape victims so that they can understand and appreciate their rights, this majorly happens to our women who need to be given more credit. There is a need to treat all rape cases as one thing, be it with a past partner, a date, a husband or a stranger; it is one at the same thin. Therefore, the sexual assaults should be characterized as rape.



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