Sleep and Dream Log

Sleep and Dream Log

 Night 1Night 2Night 3Night 4Night 5Night 6Night 7
1.      Total time spent sleeping.87.58.587.588.5
2.      Number of times you woke up during the night.2131212
3.      Number of separate dreams you can recall at least partially.2221132
4.      Number of dreams related to experiences of the recent days.2221222
5.      Overall Sleep rating (1-7)**1112121



It is plausible to argue that if I sleep for more ours and dream at least twice of my experiences, then I will have better days.   Moreover, it is conceivable to say that if people spend more time in bed, then they have a refreshed morning.

As a student, I have experienced a high and low moment in college as a result of engaging in many extra colliculi activities. I could notice that in the days that I have strenuous activities during the day, I spent over 7.5 hours sleeping. Moreover, for all the days that I had maximum hours of sleep, I always woke up refreshed and ready to start my day with vigor. Furthermore, I have found that the refreshment does not come out by sleeping for long, but associated with the numbers of dreams I had per night. To understand these circumstances I developed a study to record the overall time I spend in bed, the number of dreams I had and the number of time I woke up in during the night.

After seven days of observation, I found that the time one spent sleeping is associated with the wellbeing of a person during the day. This is because one is refreshed when he rest for a maximum of 8 hours. Also, people tend to solve their problems of the day in their dreams and therefore, the number of dreams one can remember influences if one wakes up tired. I found that dreaming help in solving our daily challenges and help us sleep for more hours.

Thus, it is plausible to hypothesize that sleeping for 7-8 hours makes a person have a healthy morning.  Also, people dream are controlled in the realm of our imagination and the experiences we go through in life. I found that all the dreams that I could remember were of activities or things that I engaged in the past days. Therefore, we take to accomplish or make better out tasks in our dreams, and this helps in addressing our thought processes. This is the reason one feels refreshed in the morning after two or three dreams during the night.

In conclusion, sleep can be a remedy for a student who always wants to have reinvigorated day. To this end, I find it prudent for school manager to make it a policy for a student to retire early to bed so they can have enough time to relieve their mind off their worries, hope, and aspiration in their life.

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