Summary of “tweet if you heart Jesus”

Summary of “tweet if you heart Jesus”

The 21st century is characterized by the evolution of technology where development and adoption of the social media platforms have taken the central stage. This has directly influenced the religious practices and how things are done in the modern churches today. Habitus by the book tries to explain the transition from medieval obedience to the digital improvisation. Basically, the author argues that the future enters into us and then it transforms itself into us even long before it happens (Drescher 38). Habitus is an intricate thing where it exhibits itself in various dimensions of life. However, it is reshaped through practice which happens day by day.

Religious initiation rites such as baptism have been practiced by many churches over the years where there have been successful interpretations of their significance to the lives of all Christians. This is an example of the dominant cultural habitus. The digital social media has taken over most religious practices in the world today. Various stories highlighted have given a number of situations where the transition from traditional to digital habitus has occurred. However, obedience remains constant in both ages such that Christians have to obey and respect the guidelines as provided.

The new American Revolutionary has clearly indicated the successful transition from medieval habitus and digital habitus. Communication, leadership and communication relationships in the religious world today have given more and different interpretation. Hence, this has seen more transition of the Lutherans, Presbyterians and Episcopalians from the medieval habitus to the digital habitus. Thus, twitter is just one of the social media platforms that are being used to enhance this transition in most religious organizations in the world today.



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