A Visit to Hell

A Visit to Hell

Just when I thought it was another regular everyday normal night,

A dizzy surge engulfed my entire me and I couldn’t tell between dark and light.

But there was a sense of new consciousness;

In a world far from the tf actual earth.

I wanted to move but there I was not in charge

I wanted to shout but my voice disobeyed my urge

It was a walk down the hades but there is more to tell

More strides got me further where for once I found hell.



I e`

And they roared louder than an ordinary infernal.

The wales and cries war from usual

They told of pain that would become my an everyday aspect

I was a sinner in the middle of hell where the creator observed from a world above

I pledged for mercy but had a better response

This must have been Jesus who knew better the meaning of righteousness.

He shared my animated past

And made public my wicked ways.

I was the worst case of hypocrite on the planet

I lied, deceived, and faked faces

I led the mass of sinful races.

But there was another turn of events;

The merciful Lord sent his angels who had me out of dreadful infernal.

It was a chance to head back on earth

And start a morally upright decent life.

The automatic switch to the earth mode

Left a trauma had to be told.

Project 2

Gothic Architecture as evident in a church Building

The community church assumes a decent gothic architecture reminding everyone of the days when this art dominated our societies. One characteristic noticeable aspect is the height that defines the obvious tall design cutting through the skies with an amazing grandeur. A closer look reveals the dominant material used in construction, which is in the form of well-structured stones. The brilliance of the architects is evident as such stones are molded and sculptured to form clustered columns that change appearance to form some sharply pointed spires.   The expansive glasses around the entire building add to the aesthetic property of the building. How the glasses coherently integrate with other components of the house, reveal much to marvel at as they negotiate the ribbed vaults. The flying buttresses enhance elegance from the ground upwards leaving one to imagine about the stability of such a tall giant. The broad structural foundation shows a well-established center of gravity that would easily handle the weight of the materials used to build the upper parts of the building. A dominant aspect is a pointed arch across various regions of the building. Every aspect of the building is reinforced with this technology giving an appearance that is far from excellent. Moreover, the entire church reveals a first dome shape but well noticeable when viewed from a distance. This is the case as the building projects upwards. Well-designed doorways that are again decorated and enhanced with pointed arch grace the worshipers at the entrances. The windows tell the same story about architectural brilliance at the heart of a religious affair. Getting inside the church reveals ethereal statues that are as elegant as the paintings outside. The statues are symbolic as they carry biblical stories. These are topological allegories that expound of the events of the Old and New Testaments that have the congregation bracing themselves for another regular every-Sunday normal sermon.

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