Coca-Cola Research Methods

Coca-Cola Research Methods

Coca-Cola is a multinational company that deals with manufacture and distribution of various beverages such as Dasani, Sprite, and Coca-Cola among others (Verlegh, Voorveld, and Eisend, 2015). Due to the large matrix of products offered, it is imperative for the company to conduct frequent market research to determine the customer perceptions and preferences as well as collect data for production planning (Brown, 2008). There are two major types of market research that the company utilizes to achieve the objectives. These methodologies are qualitative and quantitative.


First, qualitative research involves the collection of information that addresses the questions gauging consumer beliefs and attitudes towards the various brands offered by Coca-Cola Company (Walliman, 2010). The qualitative research is usually conducted using different approaches that include focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and ethnography. Under focus group discussions, Coca-Cola Company gathers participants in the research purposively who are organized in groups of 8-10 participants. A company official moderates the discussion through asking non-leading questions (Roe, 2004). Under in-depth interviews, numerous open-ended questions are asked to particular participants in a market survey so that the company can obtain specific perceptions about a given beverage. Finally, the company uses ethnography to study communities regarding the sociocultural dispositions. The information collected through ethnography is used in designing appealing brands.


The participants in the qualitative method are often encouraged to offer a reason for their responses since the questions asked are subject to scrutiny with the guidance of the moderator of the discussions. Furthermore, the participants are engaged by the company to share their understanding of the various terminology or graphics in the beverage brands, which are in turn used to make appropriate changes in the development of brand concepts.


On the other hand, quantitative research is used by the company in collecting relevant information for making forecasts and dealing with competition (Crowther and Lancaster, 2012). Data is collected from random samples through a series of closed questions answered by a respondent. The various approaches used include personal interviews, telephone interviews, and online surveys. Personal interviews are ideal where face-to-face interactions with the randomly selected respondents are desired (Bryman and Bell, 2011). A convenient sample of people who are easily accessible for the research process may also be used. Despite this method being relatively expensive, Coca-Cola Company still prefers it to other approaches since clarifications can be made to the respondent by the interviewer.  Telephone interviews and internet surveys are appropriate when the respondents are not accessible for personal interviews. They are also relatively cheaper and consume less time.


Coca-Cola utilizes the quantitative approach to gather information about the demographic structure of the current and prospective consumers. Additionally, information regarding the frequency of using various brands under the company may also be collected to offer a basis for statistical analysis and forecasting.




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