Decreasing Soda Intake Using Operant Conditioning

Decreasing Soda Intake Using Operant Conditioning.

Decreasing Soda Intake Using Operant Conditioning

In life, we are faced with the tough decision to quit or fight an addiction. Dealing with withdrawal effects of a certain behavior can be discouraging to a point whereby we often decide to go back to our old behaviors. With determination, one can change their behaviors successfully using the operant conditioning. Coke soda contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that has an addictive effect on individuals who consume it. Reducing intake of coke has many withdrawal symptoms, which can be managed in many ways.

The world’s most popular psychoactive drug is caffeine. About 80% of Americans consume caffeine either in soda or in tea or coffee or in any other form. Coke soda contains caffeine, and almost half of the American population consumes it daily. 11% of the coke consumers consumed 16oz or more. Soda contains many ingredients, which have negative effects on the health of individuals. It is advisable to reduce the amount of coke soda we consume daily to ensure that we remain healthy and reduce the risk of suffering many non-communicable chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Reduced intake of coke soda has many health benefits. Coke soda contains a high fructose corn syrup that increases the risk of developing type2 diabetes and heart disease. With the reduction or cessation of consumption reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome that leads to heart disease. Preservatives used in soda contain sodium benzoate, which also increases the occurrence of asthma in individuals. Many people suffer from renal problems such as kidney stones and kidney failure, yet they consume gallons of soda every day without the knowledge that it is the root of their problems as it contains phosphoric acid. The acid also increases the risk of osteoporosis as the body tries to eliminate it eats into the calcium stores thus weakening the bone structure. These effects can be only reduced by cessation of intake of coke. Every dentist advises their clients to limit the amount of sugars they take; this is because sugars affect the teeth causing dental caries and other dental problems. Sugar and acid present in coke erode the enamel of the tooth (“What is in Soda”).

Each addictive behavior has its stimulators and motivators. One of the most motivators of drinking a coke soda is to quench thirst. That refreshing feeling when you drink a cold coke to quench thirst will keep an individual hooked to drinking coke soda. Many pizza outlets increase their sales by giving out free coke sodas wit every purchase you make. So many consumers of pizza tend to drink coke more often as it is a free giveaway every time they purchase pizza. Hard liquors consumers such as whiskey and vodka tend to use soda as a chaser for their drinks. Many prefer to use coke and thus increase their intake of coke.

In life, we always have alternatives in every situation. Dealing with caffeine withdrawal symptoms is not easy so to ensure that rectifying the addictive behavior of drinking coke is not so hard it is recommended to substitute coke with another drink. Iced tea can be one of the perfect replacements of coke. Although it contains caffeine, it does not contain other chemicals that are harmful to our health. Every time that craving of having a coke hits you grabs a cup of iced tea that will give you the same effects of feeling energized as coke does. To quench thirst, another alternative would be a glass of cold sparkling water. Drinking water has many benefits to our body and health professionals often recommend it. When an individual feels thirsty other than grabbing a cold coke to quench their thirst, they can have sparkling water as a replacement. In the case of consumers of alcohol, they can use lime juice and ice cube to chase their drinks other than coke, and this will reduce their intake of coke eventually.

Commitment is crucial in every behavior change process. To ensure that the operant conditioning works one has to stick to the rules of it. Being consistent will also help a great deal in ensuring the reduction of coke intake. Having an alternative will work perfectly since when the craving of having a coke comes by the drink you have chosen to replace it is available and having it every time will make it a routine. The body will adjust itself; an individual will psychologically adapt to the new drink, and thus the addictive behavior of drinking coke soda will reduce or even better become extinct.

Often we are faced with a tough decision to either walk away or try harder. Quitting an addictive behavior is hard, but we always have to stop at some point in favor of our health or the people around us. Coke producers will stop at nothing in ensuring they enjoy maximum profits from their product hence we ought to make our choices right by living a healthy life.




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Decreasing Soda Intake Using Operant Conditioning

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