Difficulty of Decision Making

Difficulty of Decision Making

There is no doubt that all of us need to make decisions at some point in our lives, and we make quick decisions or deliberate ones depending in these situations. However, in life sometimes we are forced to make fast choices and in most time they are correct. However, we occasionally want to take some time to reflect before we build our thoughts about anything. So making a quick conclusion is not constantly a wrong idea after all sometimes it is best when we are quick. All in all, there is difficulty in making decisions.

After completing my secondary school studies, I wanted to join a college, but if you ask me what college I would not give you an answer. It has always been difficult for me to come up with one. I have distracted and lacking a father figure in my life says it all. I do not have one person in life I can freely talk to and open up my most disturbing issues. After my dad passed away, I have always looked up for my mother to make some of my decisions. I thought I would turn to be strong, but it seems the opposite is taking a good part of me. I have always had difficulty in making all decisions, and I turn out not making the right ones either.  I believe if my father were alive, I would not be undergoing any difficulties in life. He always knew my strengths and weaknesses. Probably he would know what course suits me best.

In Shakespeare Hamlet is seen to be undergoing some pretty bad moments. The human conscience in us during decision making can betray the conflicting factors within ourselves. Shakespeare exposes human weakness through Hamlet as a character who cannot make any irrational decisions. The ghost of his dead father haunts and leads him to consider murder as a possibility “I am thy father’s spirit, doom’d for a certain term to walk the night [sic]” (Themes, Motifs and Symbols 41). He wanted Hamlet to go after the person who killed him. For instance he says “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Themes, Motifs and Symbols 41). This was a situation has neither thought of nor faced before. He keeps postponing on that since he has a conscience in him that is leading him not to do it. Another reason he kept on postponing the idea of killing Claudius was because of his psychological state. He was also not sure whether the ghost was indeed his father. He has that passion of vengeance towards his father, but as the doubts grow the ghost, he changes his mind. He comes up with a plan of acting crazy so that Claudius would expose his innocence or guilt (Royal Shakespear Company 2). He makes his decisions out of passion, just the way he allowed incest to take place in her family and killing Claudius, “No, by the rood, not so, You are the queen, your husband’s brother’s wife, And…Would it were not so…you are my mother” (English Literature 2). The turnout of events in the play shows that his passion degenerates to reason.

Hamlet tried to be the hero, but he does not become one. Although he was intellectual and sensitive, these qualities were not relevant when it came to the urgency of avenging his father’s murder.

We all have that personality that leads us towards certain goals or activities in life. After coming up with ideas of how my dad would think of me is what helped me to come up with a brilliant choice. I had to see myself through my dad as a first step to decision making.


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