Entrepreneurship Major Application

Entrepreneurship Major Application.


In life, everything I have done has been for one specific goal: to make a difference in the world of business. I know that entrepreneurs of this time have expanded their businesses, helped the society get through the depression as well as giving back to the society so that they continue to have a better education and a better future for America-this has always been my dream. However, I am well aware of the fact I need to work hard to make sure I fulfill my goal and avail the right opportunities in this context. In the past, I continually look for a field where I can put all my strengths to achieve my goal. I suppose my initial choice of study was not suitable for my candidature, which is why I am now focusing on a possible transfer to a renowned university where I can pursue a course in Entrepreneurship as my preferred domain. I want to be part of programs associates who develop relationships and networks beyond graduation. Similarly, I want to grow my startup into independent operations, which I believe I will start at the University if I undertake Entrepreneurship major.

I was enrolled in Southern California Institute of Architecture. Experiencing the differentiation from other schools, I was overwhelmed at the outset. The environment was unique and the exposure that I had experienced made me a professional. Among so many invaluable skills, I was taught methods for CAD, 3D printing, work under deadlines and successful presentations. Additionally, I gained practical knowledge regarding building construction and alternative designing. Despite the fact that it was a great program in a great school, this school did not offer the opportunity to explore other subjects to fulfill my other interest because their field is too focused. I felt the lack of freedom for learning different subjects and realized I do not find passion in the architectural field.

As an architecture student, I had limited knowledge. I failed to gain knowledge about my interest in other domains. In time, I realized being in an architecture program in this particular school was not the best choice for my educational path. I decided that I have to change my career choice. I started brainstorming for other appropriate options and finally decided to take the admission to Santa Monica College majoring in Business Administration. I comprehend that I have to go through community college all over again. However, I still believe this is the best course of action that I ever took. It is an opportunity for me to explore other academic interest that I never took before. What I know about Entrepreneurship major is that it provides students with traditional case-study learning while offering opportunities for innovative and applications at the same time which I find stimulating.

After rigorous studies in media, history, accounting, economic, and business courses, I was on my quest to explore and challenged my capability in the business field by interning at ANZ Bank Indonesia during 2015 summer break. During my internship, I realized how my specialty and skills were actually in this particular field. I managed to bring $50.000 in account capitalization by my second week, helping the branch to achieve the monthly target for that month. This was impressive that made my supervisor see potential in me. After this achievement, my supervisor entrusted me to help weekly report on global updates – with the scope of politics, capital market, and government policies – that will be used to determine a weekly plan for the customers. I became knowledgeable about how governments work together to decide trade policies and also on how the global economic system influence individual countries and their economic policies and strategies. From this first-hand experience, I found passion and I knew I could grow into a better individual in this field. This experience fueled my interest in the study of Entrepreneurship. Comparatively, my impress on free enterprise advanced when I read that entrepreneurship enables one live in the ideas of the future. The vision of making my future present has made me more endeared to pursue Entrepreneurship.

After realizing architecture was not my best path, pursuing courses at Santa Monica College and the internship experience from ANZ Bank, I am sure with my chosen path. My interest in the Entrepreneurship domain was the major reason for taking admission in this particular academic course. I am applying for top universities where I can further encourage my quest for gaining knowledge in the Entrepreneurship domain. I believe university learning experience could challenge and motivate, to boost both my academic and non-academic performance. I am confident this approach could direct me in rectifying the previously done mistakes and fulfill my dream to pursue a career in the field of Entrepreneurship that will help me to make a difference in this world.

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Entrepreneurship Major Application