Heidegger’s Comparison of Modern and Ancient Science

Heidegger’s Comparison of Modern and Ancient Science

Knowledge comes from proving of commonly held beliefs established from assumptions making the process abstract in nature. Both ancient and modern science bases their works on assumptions and formulate hypothesis that help them in their investigation and establishment of what is fact and what is not. They further base their process on the learning and teaching of concepts with both agreeing that learning is the active uptake and internalization of information and knowledge while teaching is the active process that allows the passing of knowledge and information from one person to another with the aim of enabling the later to form their own conclusions, therefore, adding to the body of knowledge (Heidegger 10). They both also agree that for knowledge to be considered complete, it has to have a strong foundation based on the knowns mostly known as constants. Modern science in this regard relies on the works and concepts already put forward by ancient science as the basis for its investigations thereby building upon already existing concepts and strengthening them. It has also led to the evolution of knowledge through experimentation with newer technologies and methods resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge repositories. Ancient and modern science, however, have slight variations in how they conceptualize and interpret facts which lead to the drawing of different conclusions and can be attributed to the amount of extra data and information modern science has at its disposal. These differences lead to different inferences and contribute to the building of knowledge by allowing constructive discourse between scholars.

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