Making Stress Your Friend

Making Stress Your Friend

TED talks often use personal stories to form part of an argument in which the speaker tries to convince the audience on that certain argument. In this talk, Kelly gives her personal account of her changed view about stress. She explains how changing the mindset about stress can help our bodies cope with the harmful effects of stress (McGonagall, 2013)

Is stress harmful to your health? Kelly spent a lot of time telling people how stress was harmful to health but after an encounter with a scientific study, she has changed her mind and hoped to change others too. The study states that people experience a lot of stress are likely to die from it, but only those think stress is harmful to their health die from it. Those who do not think of stress as harmful survive the stress periods and do not succumb to it (Brunner, 2013).

Can how you think about stress change your body response to stress. Kelly insists that those changes that occur when we are experiencing stress help us to cope with the stress. If you think of the changes as helpful, then your bodily response to stress will not be harmful to your health (Davis-Laack, 2015).

Does how you act to change our response to stress? From a study, Kelly learns that how we act such as showing compassion and caring for others creates resilience to stress. Helping others helps us reach out to our hearts, and this helps in coping positively with stress (Fairley, 2013). Each has their way of coping with stress, but we all should not view stress as an enemy but view it as a friend to ensure we live a healthier life.



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