A Man Called Horse

A Man Called Horse

The film is about a man called John Morgan who was enslaved in a tribe and treated very badly. He learns the culture of the tribe, and eventually they accept him as one of them. Morgan learns the Sioux culture from Baptiste, who was also a captive but was half of that tribe. He helps him understand it and eventually he accepts their culture as his. He earns a status of a warrior when he kills two enemies of the tribe and after this, he asks a hand in marriage for a girl from that tribe and offers the family a horse he4 had captured from the battle as bride price. They later accept him as one of them and make him undergo all the initiation rites of the tribe.

Often we treat people in our lives badly without even stopping to think that one day they can help us in some situation in life. Despite Morgan being a slave who was treated badly by his captors, he helped them to kill some of the enemies. Also, in life no matter what situation we are in we should embrace it and take it positively. Morgan worked towards learning and embracing the culture of his captors and through these he managed to not only earn their respect but also became a warrior and got absorbed in the tribe. He asks his fellow captive to be more enthusiastic about life and not only to await death as his only escape route from being a captive. We learn that our attitude towards the situations we are in determine the result of that situation greatly.




Elliot Silverstein (Director). Frank Brill (Producer). (1970). The Man Called Horse. United States of America: Cinema Center Films.


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