Nexstar, Cox Communications Resolve Carriage Dispute

A Summary of

Josh Beckerman’s

“Nexstar, Cox Communications Resolve Carriage Dispute”
From the Wall Street Journal (2016)

In his article regarding disputes in the communication industry (2016), Josh Beckerman begins by revealing a resolved feud between Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. and Cox Communications over a television blackout that has left viewers pretty devastated. The author intelligently sheds some light on an issue that has turned rampant in the recent past reminding everyone that the communication industry features a horde of stakeholders who make information transformation a success story.

The author reckons how programmers and distributors have always fallen into conflicts over charges posed by programmers for transmission of channels. Apparently, the programmers are demanding a higher amount of payment for their services owing to their efforts and intelligence to facilitate their services. The motive behind this could be inspired by the fact that broadcasting companies are generating a great deal of revenue without giving much credit to the programmers.

But the victim of this whole issue are the customers who had to deal with more than 193 blackouts in 2015 way above the number experienced in such a year as 2014 when there just 94, and only 8 in 2010. Broadcasters are concerned about the timing of such blackouts as programmers take advantage of moments when viewers are glued to their televisions especially during sports.

Despite sharing the essential information about the dispute, the author leaves a bunch of relevant details that could provide more insight into the depth of the situation. Readers would need to seek secondary sources to complement the available information about this dispute that has frequently left viewers on the receiving end.

Concisely, Josh Beckerman timely addresses an element that has affected the communication sector for long, and reveals that distributors and programmers are getting into some agreements over transmission fees to eliminate television blackouts. Nevertheless, the fact that readers would have to seek other information sources to get essential facts regarding the dispute make his article less of a complete package.



Beckerman, J. (2016). Nexstar, Cox Communications resolve carriage dispute. Retrieved from The Wall Street Journal:


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