A Reflection on Stephen Prothero’s World Religions: Hinduism

A Reflection on Stephen Prothero’s World Religions: Hinduism

Stephen Prothero dares to suggest provocatively something contrary to what religious fanatics would want to hear. Walking the viewers down the world of Hinduism, he demonstrates vividly that God is not one. What is particularly evident is his comprehension of religion and spirituality. He sees the thick line between faith, belief, and the idea of deities. Essentially, Stephen Prothero demonstrates that Hinduism is not a religion but an expression of a certain way of spiritual life.

While Stephen claim sounds bold and blasphemous among people, his argument would hold water in the context of Hinduism. This spiritual approach features some Gods. They have been assigned different roles; or rather, these gods perform different functions. However, there is a common denominator in this talk; they all aim to head to a common place. Moksha is an aspect that has dominated every Hindu’s life. It could be a living union. It could be a place that suggests the final home of every person. This leads to various aims in life evident in this approach of religion. One would mention Artha, Kama, and Dharma. Nevertheless, the claim that God is not one remains debatable in a general world. One would imagine a confused state of affairs for human beings who would have to choose the God to worship. Nevertheless, the immediate cultural background in our lives has shaped the decisions we make about religion. An Islamic background would instill doctrines that should reverence towards Allah. That would not be the case for someone who has no place for religion. To make an informed decision, one would have to dissocialize, be a free being and make a diligent interpretation of spiritualism and religiousness without having to lean on one aspect.




Prothero, S. (Director). (2011). World religions: Hinduism [Motion Picture].


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