Research and Social Change

Research and Social Change.

Research and Social Change

Research may be defined as a careful and a systematic method that is used to study materials and sources to enhance knowledge by revealing new facts. Social change, on the other hand, is viewed as the alterations that occur in human dealings and interrelations. It may involve a change in the social structure and other cultural patterns with respect to time (Community Strengths, 2016). Therefore, research has been employed as a tool for establishing significant changes in the social sphere and interaction in the society. The relationship between research and social change is thus positive since for there to be a significant change; there must be evidence of new social structures that are identified through time. In this regard, researcher plays a major role in identifying and studying any changes that offer powerful possibilities for transformation of our relation to the community. Thus, for there to be a positive social change, the researcher has to incorporate organizations and communities for a collaborative and participatory inquiry.

To become a brilliant researcher, it entails more than formulating new ideas and implementing them, rather, it entails continuance review of technical papers so as to familiarize with many fields and stay updated (Des Jardins, 1994). The plan for the next step is to formulate and keep a journal of the research activities and ideas. This will entail highlighting speculations, intriguing problems, random ideas, consultation with peers, possible solutions, and references to refer to. Moreover, learning how to listen and incorporate respondents is necessary for finding new facts, which continually replenish the knowledge of the researcher.




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Research and Social Change

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