Seeker Churches

Seeker Churches

The changes in the immigration laws have brought diversity in the religious landscape in the country. It is not the same as it was a generation ago. Every other time a seeker church comes up and the main aim of these types of churches is to attract Christians who would otherwise have not gone to church.

The churches are different in the way they present themselves. They use live performances and drama to attract youth who think that the traditional church is boring. The churches are no longer a formal affair. Moreover, the messages passed across in churches are valuable to church goers, such as parenthood (Sargeant). The music played is different from the traditional church music, and contemporary music is used. There are some things that remain constant, though, as the message in the seeker churches remains the same as that of traditional churches. The services are still lively, upbeat and contemporary. Seeker churches also emphasize on the importance of small groups as do traditional churches.

Some churches mail invites to people in the neighbourhood to inform them of the church and their sermons. The congregation can relate to the message in the sermon because it is about the challenges they face in their normal Christian lives. The outlines provided help the church goers to follow the service without getting bored or lost. They target the community- their needs, strengths, to make the church more successful. They sponsor football, softball teams and other sports activities. They also house fields and pitches fro playing these games. In a way, they are helping the community. Therefore, many people opt to go to these churches. Other churches try and make the church user-friendly by borrowing from secular themes, like Disney world. The reason for this is to appeal to as many church goers as possible. Music is an important part of the church, and some churches took this into consideration as a marketing strategy. Music is dynamic and different ages have different tastes in music and the trends change from time to time. With this in mind, some churches incorporated the area’s most influential music style, and that brought more people in because the people can relate to the music. The name a church possesses also plays a vital role in advertising. People want a name that speaks to them. Therefore, some churches have changed their names to names that have to mean and not just denominational names. They pay attention to the modern churchgoer needs and where that person shops. Churches coming up around shopping malls and market places have become common to attract shoppers to take a look at the church. A church in Indianapolis even gives reasons to shoppers as to why they should attend the church. All the reasons assure the potential church-goer that it will not be a boring sermon.

I support the development of seeker churches because they consider the needs of the community and minister to them in a way they can understand because they can relate to the sermons. They also ensure that those people who would not have gone to church go because the way they present their services and church are not boring. They also find every way to bring the church closer to the people by going to where they are.






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