Self and Group Assessment

Self and Group Assessment

I am writing to give a report of the class assignment that was given to our group. The section our group was given to tackle I would say was effective since it is a vital part of learning. This is because the responsibilities I assigned to each member of the group had clear instructions. “We should consider using specific examples and easier grading breakdown to avoid ambiguity and confusion with the students and the instructor (Syllabus Draft, 10/22/2015). The group responsibility was to work on class expectation, which included the teacher’s expectation, student expectation as well as the politeness, which conforms to social conventions as portrayed by the class.

Every member of the group was assigned some questions for the project, which was to take place before the final discussion was to be held collectively. After a personal time of research, each member brought details and ideas on three different syllabi of our different course from either the previous term or the current one. My responsibility was to come up with three syllabi of the English language course, which apparently happened to be the same as one member of the group. I came up with three types of syllabuses our English class uses. We use some editions and came up with three different textbooks we use. Unfortunately, we did not analyze what the teacher’s expectation. We were unable to come with the final draft on what the teacher expected us to write about how effective the syllabus assignment was since we were not sure of what he would think of our syllabus.

The section assigned to us connects with the other parts of the syllabus since it is an essential part of learning. Assessing is coming and ourselves up with answers to what we think about the syllabus is very important. It is the last step student need to do after tackling a syllabus. In our project assignment, we were able to the concepts of purpose and audience. Our audience for our case is the class while the purpose of the paper was to give clear evidence of what the class was expecting. The purpose was to enhance the syllabuses that we were yet to handle in the coming terms. This is because we concluded that our syllabuses for the past two years have been the same with no improvements to enhance better learning.

To come up with our conclusions and statements we used the syllabuses we have tackled before and methods of collecting data from students. We used questionnaires, which we offered a group of ten students from the class so act as a representative of the whole class. “Our syllabuses have not been revised for the past two years and I think this is being ineffective,” this is one of the answers we received from one of the student in the questionnaire we offered.

Since our drafted our final work collectively, I think our group performed excellently. I justify this since we had our own means of getting answers to the questions we drafted to ask the students. Time is also another factor to our work; we took some time to do our assignment we did not just rush the last minute.

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