My Speech during a Fundraising Event in Our School

Speech during a Fundraising Event in Our School

My main task was to write a speech that I would read in a fundraising event in our school organized our class. The main of the event was to collect funds that would enable us engage in a corporate social responsibility act that would leave a good legacy for other students in our school upon our completion. We managed to invite a number of guests, all with the aim of collecting money that would help us clothe the homeless people living in the closest city.

I was supposed to write about how our class was grateful for the years that we had taken to study in the institution, appreciate the whole school fraternity, make them aware of why we decided to engage in such an activity and what we expected during the fundraising event among other things that were to take place in and after the fundraising event. I organized my speech into three different parts. To start with, I gave a brief introduction where I welcome everyone who was present, a special recognition to the guests and the school administration. Secondly, I gave a highlight of how my class was grateful for the time spent in the learning institution. Thirdly, I took time to explain why we had the fundraising event and why we wanted to leave a good legacy by clothing the homeless people at that time.

My audience was composed of the fellow students, the school administration and the guests whom we had invited from different companies and organizations. One of the factors that influenced what I wrote was my audience. I had to be very keen and ensure that I use the correct words to address the right crowd. Secondly, it was the main theme of the event, which was to collect funds that would enable us to clothe the homeless. Again, I had to use a formal language and remain articulate as I was addressing my seniors and this was a very important day for our school.

Further, I used specialized vocabularies that were appropriate for the event. Good examples could be; corporate social responsibility, homeless, funds, teamwork among others. Generally, I tried to be persuasive especially during the third part of my speech where I was trying to explain the main theme of the event, which was to collect funds for the event that would enable our class leave a good legacy in our institution. Also, I took the chance to explain and convince the school administration and the guests invited why this was important and why all people in the society should consider doing that. This was not a complex process, as everyone clearly understood the importance of this event how it would help these people in general.

Additionally, I took my time to explain how similar events have benefited the needy in the society and why it was very important to continue doing the good work. I was able to compile the speech all together with the help of two other people in the organizing committee where we all worked as a team. Finally, we ensured that we had incorporated all aspects of language and style as expected in order to come up with the best speech.


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