Strengths of LGBT Population

Strengths of LGBT Population

In the modern day, people have many options regarding their sexual orientation. Each individual has a right to equality despite his or her sexual orientation. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals often face many challenges when they come out and publically declare their sexual orientation. Some of their strengths such as human right campaign, community centers and gay lesbian and straight education centers can counter these challenges.

These strengths have many benefits to the LGBT populations which include offering medical care and information, help them in coming out among other things. LGBT center helps the individuals to come out and also ensure that these people are not discriminated for their sexual orientation. They offer support group whereby these people have emotional support and also get to interact with people who they share the same lifestyle. These centers help in educating the community the LGBT population. Through education, the stigma reduces, and the populations get to be involved in communal activities freely without fear of being discriminated and this participation help in developments in the community. The education centers and human rights campaign ensure not all LGBT populations are discriminated, and equality is ensured. These twos help these populations in being bold and taking action against social inequalities that are directed to them (Palmer, Kosciw, Bartkiewicz, 2012).

A strengthened population means that not all individuals are shying out from opportunities that are aimed at community development. The strengths ensure that individuals are bold enough to face life without fear. All people are equal despite their sexual orientation, and no one has a right to discriminate or alienate them for who they are. Times are changing so do people.



Palmer, N.X., Kosciw, J.G., & Bartkiewicz, M.J. (2012). Strengths and silences: Experiences of LGBT students in rural and small towns schools. Retrieved from

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