The Persuaders

The Persuaders

Question One

Some people often feel the need to belong to a certain class or social status and these determines greatly on what product they purchase on their day-to-day life. I agree with the notion that many Americans seek an identity by buying a certain brand. Some brands of shoes, clothing, or mobile phone we use can tell a lot an individual.

Personally, I have certain brands that I am loyal to. When it comes to computers and phones, I feel that Apple has the best products not because there are no better products than iPhone and Mac, but I have a certain attachment to this brand. I cannot personally say that I belong to the brand cult, but the fact that I am loyal maybe makes it easier for the company to persuade me to buy their new products despite their flaws.

Question Two

Rapaille tries to explain how to use people’s unseen need to do marketing. The reptilian marketing involves consideration of the unconscious needs of the people and putting in consideration of the conscience. Often when people buy a certain product, there is that feeling or thought in the back of their mind of why they are buying the product hence marketers should try to explore those needs.

People who buy hummers have that thought of going off the road and thus means that even though they rarely go off road and live in towns and urban areas, there is that feeling of having a car that can endure the rough terrains. The producer of Hummer explored these need and made the Hummer suit those unconscious need of its customer.


Question Three

Saturn used advertisement to divert the attention of people from other destinations such as Disney world. They ensured that their target consumers would feel the urge and need to visit Saturn and meet other people who were also members of Saturn. They ensured they focused on the all time value of the community and ensured they met the needs of the people that had not been met by other institutions such as the church and schools. Given that opportunity, I would love to attend it so as I can indulge and get to meet different people from different place and have some fun.

Question Four

Song, which was an airline of a parent company Delta, decided to do something different from other aviation companies. They ensured that their adverts were different and captured the emotions of the people. They wanted to convey something bigger than what other aviation companies were showing. Their advertising strategy was good, but it often had people confused whether it was a travelling agency or an airline. They should have used an advert that put them in the frontline of airlines whereby they would use planes and show how luxurious their planes were other than showing people singing on the ground.

Question Five

Narrowcasting is whereby you send a direct message to a small audience of people. This message is designed as per the demographic characteristics of the target audience. It enables one to deliver a message that would be controversial if delivered to the whole public but would be helpful to a certain group of people. The Democrat Sanders uses narrowcasting by selling his idea that big banks should be broken, and the government should pay for free college tuition. This has won him mass voters, which show a lot of promising success ahead.


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