What Pleasure Does to People

What Pleasure Does to People

Pleasure is a state whereby someone is enjoying him or herself and is in a state of no suffering. It can be derived from many things- for some people it is hobbies, others work, sex. It can be anything as long as it makes the person partaking in the act to feel good. However, it is not always the case that only enjoyable activities bring about pleasure, for some people pain and doing bad things to themselves or others brings them pleasure.

Pleasure makes someone feel fulfilled. This is because people like doing things that bring them joy and when they partake in the pleasurable activity, there is a sense of fulfilment. It is as if it was the right thing to do or it was needed to be done. The feeling of pleasure can also be a stress reliever. In a world where people are faced with constant stresses, doing something pleasurable to them relieves them and makes them forget. The feeling of pleasure makes them take a break from reality for a while. It makes the everyday hustle and bustle worth it.

Pleasure acts as a motivator for many people. Some pleasurable activities require an effort of time and money before they can be attained. The consolation that there is a fun activity for that person at the end of the tunnel is enough motivation for that person to work tooth and nail. An instance is whereby a person feels good when they read- to read one has to buy a book. Therefore, that person will work hard to get the capital so that they can afford the book and other complementary expenses that come with the book.

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