Winning and Motivation

Winning and Motivation

“Failure is not falling to the ground; it is remaining there once you have fallen and the greatest failure is when you decide not to stand up”, this is one of Sheikh Mohammed’s quotes that motivates me (Rabideau, 2005). That driving force is what I believed would describe my ambitions in life.

From my childhood, I have always spent my evenings with my mother my mentor watching television. I loved the programs that could award winners with prizes; that motivated me a lot. I love poetry, and I have always wanted that opportunity of showing everyone who I am in the world of poetry. I improved my writing skills through reading lots of poems from Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, William Butler and other poets for years now. I also forwarded my poems for rating as well.

I saw an ad in a magazine for poetry that sounded impressive to me, and that’s when I thought the opportunity was knocking at my door. Competition always makes you stronger and better; competition is feared only by the weak. I was not weak, so I took up the challenge. I spent a fortnight striving to come up with something unique, something that could captivate the reader’s eyes. “Storm-Racked” that was my topic. After composing it, I just knew it was a masterpiece, so I crossed my fingers and sent it.

I felt like a hero after I was selected the winner. I felt honoured, and that’s when I realized I always have  to run faster to survive. My motive for achievement is what made me realize success in competitive ventures.




Rabideau, S. T. (2005, NOV). Effects of Achievement Motivation on Behavior. Retrieved from

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