WOmen in the 20s

WOmen in the 20s

Developing an historical understanding of the social and cultural position of women in the 1920s is apparently quite a complex task. One of your author’s states that in order to historically understand women in the 1920s a distinction would have to be made between image and reality. But, image and reality do not seem to be separate; instead they seem to overlap. The sources that you have available illustrate that much of the complexity of writing an historical understanding of women in the 1920s is due to the fact that the historian must interpret a variety of sources, from fiction to sociological essays to advertisements to later historical literature.

In addition, in order to create a coherent portrait or understanding of this topic the significance of these sources would have to be assessed in relation to each other. How would you assess the "new woman" of the 1920s?

In addressing this question it is important to note that close scrutiny of the sources reveals that there is much more complexity to this issue than can be grasped by an exclusive focus on the "flapper" image, or by assuming that women in the 20s were unproblematically paving the way for future women. In order to adequately address this issue you will have to take into consideration most of the sources, the literature and the primary documents, as well as the historical texts.

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