AA and Spirituality

AA and Spirituality.

AA and Spirituality

Except for two or three attendances to AA there seems to be more people refusing to acknowledge God as their higher power (at least in my area) and believing it is all about will power, which is fine to a point, but ultimately it comes down to God’s Grace that gives us strength with our daily struggles. Mathew 19:26 (KJV) God said, “Believe in me and all things are possible”.  Clinton & Scalise (2013) states in part 4 “Processing Addictions”, two of the four key elements to the “Road to Recovery”, is 1. Clean out the infection and 2. Renew the mind (p. 254).

Cleaning out the infection entails breaking the power of denial and as a Christian Counselor that would not only include the denial of whether there is a problem, but also with who is in charge concerning that problem. Renewing the mind entails breaking the power of disbelief (Clinton & Scalise, 2013) therefore, if we truly believe God can heal us and we are truly remorseful, he will.

Go along with the above, I notice in AA is for those that have not fully recovered Step 1 being able to admit powerlessness over the disease (Hester & Miller, 2003 p. 170), is the hardest step for all or most all to get past. Each person, some like myself more hardheaded that the rest, just can not except being out of control of our lives. Some victims of abuse which you will meet in AA, have taken steps to gain control over their lives from the abuse and it pours over to the addiction because that person’s headstrongness is so deep it is virtually unchangeable therefor, making it a constant battle, to allow themselves to feel comfortable, with the thought they may not be able to control addiction alone. That person does not want to ever be abused again under any circumstance.

Then to persuade that same person they are not in control of their lives; their first initial response might be “BULL”.

As a Counselor, I would ask this person “What would you do if someone tried to hurt or abuse you today”? I might get a response like, “I would fight back and not submit out of fear”. Then, I would say, Alcohol is the abuser, stealing from you of everything that is “beautiful” such as Children, “good” such as Jobs or Happiness, and “peaceful” such as the serenity of self-perseverance. Will you be willing to fight for those things? Would you like to learn how? Would you be willing to put into practicesome ways of changing your life? Can we say a prayer and ask for help? What I may be able to plant in this person’s life today, may save their life tomorrow.



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AA and Spirituality

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