Effect of high employee turnover

Effect of high employee turnover.

High employee turnover

1-Your organization is experiencing very high employee turnover. This is costly to the organization because the high turnover decreases employee productivity and the quality of customer service the clients receive. The high turnover is also impacting the bottom line because so much time, money and effort must be spent on hiring and training new replacement employees Also, your CEO feels that the high employee turnover impacts the organization’s ability to provide the high level of customer service the clients expect and the CEO feels that this is costing the organaation market share as consumers buy service and products from the competitors. The CEO has stated that it is a strategic goal for the organization to stem the high now or employees exiting the organization. You have been tasked to determine why the turnover is so high, What would you instinctively look at both internally and externally and based on your findings what actions would your report back to the CEO should be taken to stem the tide ot employee turnover?

2-your CHRO has asked that you prepare a brief on retaliation, She wants a better understanding of the legal definition of retaliation as per the EEOC .She wants to understand what type of conduct can be interpreted as retaliation, who can be considered to be in a position within the organizatonal structure to retaliate and what should be the organization’s official policy regarding retaliation. Please also write the policy

3-You and your business partners have decided that downtown New Haven needs pizza restaurant and a new bar because there is simply not enough places to get good pizza in New Haven.Because  you are the HR expert, youre partners have asked that you develop a job evaluation & analysis of the chef position in the new pizza restaurant. Please state all the aspects ot the analysis that is necessary for you and your partners to know about this position.

4-You and your business partners at your New Haven pizza restaurant and bar must now plan on hiring employees. Please forecast your labor needs for the entire restaurant and bar. Based on the size of the place you will need at least twelve employees. What internal and external factors must you consider? How will you structure your recruitment program? Where will you source potential candidates?

5-You are now ready to select the staff of our New Haven pizza restaurant and bar, please discuss the selection criteria you will use to hire the most prominent position in your restaurant, the General Manager Include a profile of what the ideal candidate would look like and what type of assessments you could use for this position.


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Effect of high employee turnover

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