Grit and Growth

Grit and Growth.

Grit and Growth

The theme this week (“Friends and Enemies”) introduced the idea that tangible or intangible resources or obstacles can serve as your friends and enemies as you pursue your college degree.  Note that your friends and enemies can be interpreted as your opportunities and threats.  If you have not yet read this week’s lectures or viewed the videos, please do so before starting this assignment.  Address the following items in your paper:  1.    Opportunities and Threats  a.   As we discussed last week, a SWOT analysis is a tool that helps businesses and individuals assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  For this assignment, you will focus on Opportunities and Threats.  b.   To generate your list of Opportunities, explore the Grantham catalog or website to identify at least three opportunities (resources) you will rely on the most as you pursue your degree.  Write a paragraph of at least 250 words to convey your opportunities.  c.   To generate your list of Threats, think about your personal and professional obligations to identify at least three threats that you may need to overcome as your pursue your degree. Write a paragraph of at least 250 words to convey your threats.

Use Microsoft Word to prepare your assignment. You will attach the Word document to the assignment dropbox (do not type directly into the dropbox).  Refer to the Pocket Keys for Writers to help you list your sources for this paper.  Remember to include the following information on the top of your paper:  ·        Your Name  ·        GID Number  ·        GU101  ·        Today’s Date

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Grit and Growth

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