Arts and Cultural Policy

Arts and Cultural Policy.

Arts and Cultural Policy

  1. Identify only 10 of the following terms in only 30-40 word each.


  1. NEA
  2. Public vs. private vs. nonprofit sector
  3. Works Progress Administration (WPA)
  4. SPPA
  5. Creative placemaking
  6. Gentrification
  7. “Underpants gnome problem” (in the context of creative placemaking)
  8. Percent for art policies
  9. Broken windows theory
  10. Cultural policy
  11. Creative sector
  12. Cultural clusters
  13. Civic art
  14. Explicit vs. implicit policies
  15. 1980s-90s culture war 
  1. Answer Only 3 of the following questions. Each in 3-4 paragraphs.


  1. Does the United States have an official cultural policy at the federal level? Explain three reasons we might want such a policy. Explain three challenges to enacting one.


  1. Both of your state senators are in support of abolishing all funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. Offer three arguments you might use to persuade them not to support this position.


  1. Describe three ways creative placemaking solves problems associated with gentrification. Describe three ways might it exacerbate these problems.


  1. Describe three innovative arts interventions in the area of housing and/or public safety we saw in class that have the most potential for turning into specific local, state or federal policies (meaning they could work in a variety of locations and cultural contexts).

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Arts and Cultural Policy

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