Growing up Transgender

Growing up Transgender.

Growing up Transgender

Human sexuality is much more complex than the biological forces that initiate the sexual maturation process. As such, the development of adolescent sexuality includes not only physical development but also cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development. These developmental areas do not uniformly advance at the same rate. This is particularly problematic with respect to adolescent sexuality because poor decisions, due to a lack of cognitive and/or emotional maturity, can have dire, life-long consequences. Thus, it is important for caregivers to be prepared to discuss all aspects of sexuality (i.e., the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral aspects of sexuality) so that they can best assist their teens to make wise and thoughtful decisions. When caregivers understand the process of adolescent sexual development they are in a better position to assist their children. In addition, knowledge of this information enables caregivers to know when to intervene if necessary.

Using the video on Growing Up Trans as a source and other scholarly material to provide a 5-page paper on the implications on children transgendering over to an opposite sex. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

In your paper use scholarly resources to depict the following:

What is the psychological meaning of the term “transgender”? Differentiate between gender identity and sexual orientation.
Youth lack the cognitive and emotional maturity that’s necessary to make wise and healthy decisions regarding their sexuality. Look for scholarly research that supports your thought on an age that children would most likely benefit starting a process of transition to the opposite sex.
What are some of the psycho-social, development and cognitive challenges that transgender people face?

Your paper must be typed and double-spaced. It should identify a minimum of five (5) bibliographical references, be well-written, proofread, and grammatically accurate. The length of the paper is exactly five pages, not including the Title page, abstract, and bibliography.

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Growing up Transgender

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