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Students will be able to effectively demonstrate understanding of a concept, apply critical thinking relative to their field of study, and to write a research paper related to their field of study which states a thesis and leads to a conclusion. Because of the interdisciplinary scope of this degree, individual research papers vary greatly.  The paper should consist of academic research that illustrates the extent to which you can synthesize, analyze, and compile information gleaned from scholarly sources in a thoughtful and professional manner. It is not merely a collection of facts, it is a thesis-based, argumentative research paper. The topic should be consistent with your field of study.


Write a seven to ten page paper describing how, based on your area(s) of study, you might intervene to solve a problem or be helpful in the disaster scenario given.  Be sure to utilize the best practice in your given field(s) with evidence from a minimum of five peer-reviewed journals as you describe how you would intervene to solve a problem or what you would do to be helpful in the scenario.  You may add to the scenario; however, you may not ignore any of the circumstances presented.


As the final step in your research paper, you are asked to reflect on the assignment as a learning tool and as a means of presenting your learning in your field of study.




  • Paper Length – 7 to 10 pages
  • A minimum of 5 professional (peer-reviewed, not a magazines) journal articles must be used to give supporting evidence as a basis for your intervention.
  • Use APA formatting for your paper or select and communicate any alternative formatting that your field of study requires.
  • Check spelling and grammar!
  • If appropriate, please discuss any ethical dilemmas that may need to be considered and how you would handle it.
  • Complete a final portion of the paper entitled Reflections.
  • See both grading rubrics.

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