Why are KSAs important?

Why are KSAs important?.

Why are KSAs important?

This assignment will enhance the understanding of the relationship between the training needs analysis, KSAs, and competencies. You have been asked to design a training module for Administrative Clerks who have been promoted to the Administrative Clerk II position. Unfortunately, not understanding the connection between KSAs and organizational performance, managers believed erroneously that the individuals would simply learn the job over time. Therefore, it was not necessary to determine if they possessed the KSAs required to perform effectively in the Administrative Clerk II job. Recognizing their error, managers have tasked you with conducting a training needs analysis. Part of the analysis requires the creation of a list of KSAs the newly promoted employees will need to be successful in the job. The list will provide a benchmark of the performance levels and KSAs trainees possess prior to training.

Parameters: Read through the Administrative Clerk II tasks in the table on page 2 of the attached Case Study worksheet.

List the knowledge, skills and attitudes you would expect employees to have in order to work effectively in the position.

After listing the essential KSAs in the table, answer each question in approximately 200 words.

Use terminology and concepts from the readings to demonstrate your degree of comprehension.

-Why are KSAs important?

-Describe the relationship between KSAs and the training needs analysis (TNA).

-Illustrate the differences between KSAs and competencies.

-Some organizations have opted to focus on competencies instead of relying solely on KSAs. Explain the benefits of using a competency model as opposed to a KSA approach to improve employee job performance.


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Why are KSAs important?

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