Drug Crime and Property Crime

Drug Crime and Property Crime.

Drug Crime and Property Crime

There has been an occurrence where law official claim that drug crime causes and exacerbates property crime. This simply means a crime that entails taking property, which is not owned by an individual. However, it does not involve force or threat against those who are victimized. Therefore, matters like robbery, vandalism, extortion among other types of crime fall in this category. However, robbery is classified, as a violent crime despite the fact that the act involves taking property. Crime makes property crime more violent, which is true, with the issue being discussed below.

Acquisition of drugs comes hand in hand with some good amount of money. Drugs abuse is a luxury that destroys the victim involved in the act (Denton & O’malley, 2001). This is true because we have an addiction. The latter gets addicted to a drug in such a way that they cannot do without it. In such a case that is where property crime falls in. As we have seen above, we need money to buy drugs. If the source of income used for the acquisition of drugs is depleted, the person involved gets into a tight fix, where they have to do all that they can to have them their portion of the same. That is where they go to other people’s property in a bid to get money with which they can buy the drug from merchants. This way, they fulfill their need. The condition has been made worse by the fact that the drugs may get expensive, fetching more money, thus increasing the property crime more. It is explicit that drug crime leads to property crime, with the main reason being the need to get money with which drugs are acquired.





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Drug Crime and Property Crime

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