Growing up in a man dominated society women have been oppressed and has led to many forming movements that fight for women’s rights. Fighting for women’s rights has majorly been associated with feminism but feminism is a range of concepts that is beyond fighting the male domination (Hooks 11). Feminism tries to establish social, economic and political rights between women and men. Feminists strive to ensure that women receive equal opportunities and rights as men do.  Feminism arises from political and social movements that fight for different rights for women.

Women’s rights vary according to the situation and so do feminism. Women in some societies are denied their right of voting or holding a public office. Feminists are the very first individuals who fought for the women’s right to vote way back in the 19th century and up to date. Some states do not recognize the importance of women in leadership and thus they are denied the chance to choose their leaders by voting or vying for the chance to become a leader. Many political movements have been formed by feminists to ensure that women vote and participate fully in the democracy process with minimal restrictions just because they are not men.

In addition, feminism has played an important role in the education and employment sector. Some employer’s pay women low wages despite them having good qualifications yet their male counterparts get higher payments with even fewer qualifications. By feminists lobbying for women’s rights in the employment, sector women have been earning fair wages and are treated equally as men and being given same opportunities such as promotions. For long period the girl child’s education has not been a priority in most societies. With the start of feminism, this has changed and the girl child has equal chances at acquiring education as the boy child.

Sexual harassment and domestic violence have become the order of the day in some women’s lives. Times are gone when a woman would be beaten up by their spouse and nothing is done about it. Feminist’s movements have fought for the rights of these women and no gender-based violence in any part of the world goes unpunished. Through feminism, women have equal rights in marriage whereby a woman is capable initiating a divorce or a separation like a man can (Hooks 6). Many are times when women would be harassed sexually and the society turned a blind eye on it and often blamed it on a woman referring to them as indecent. At work, school, malls, shopping centers were places where sexual harassment was rampant but due to feminism it has been curbed. Rape cases have been greatly reduced since feminists have lobbied for strict laws against rapists and have created a safe environment where women who have been raped can feel safe.

Feminism has enabled many people to understand the nature of gender inequality. In many instances, feminists have enabled people to be on know about the social roles of women that bring about inequality and through this they have not only changed the world by having impacted lives of many women. Not only does feminism make women stronger but helps in changing the world’s perspective about a woman. Feminism empowers women’s gives them focus and form stand to fight for what is right and this should not call for men to shun women who fight for their right by calling them names.



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