Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance

Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance.

Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics usually exist naturally in the environment but with the advancement of the scientific field, microbiologists discovered technological ways to inhibit and cure diseases through the use of antiseptic chemicals or infused antibiotics that are derived from other microorganisms. Due to these developments, they came up with ways to kill bacteria.  It was a major development as scientists were surprised how the antibacterial were able to kill bacteria without affecting the host which is the human being.  By this, they had control over nature and sickness. This similar case applies in the agricultural sector where due to the effects of weeds, scientists developed chemicals called pesticide that would inhibit the growth of the weeds and result in more yields from the farms. However, these research developments have been affected since the bacteria and weeds keep on developing resistance to the developed antibiotics and pesticides. Like any other living microorganism, the bacteria and weeds strive to survive and thus adapt resistance to the chemicals that have been developed to inhibit their growth and survival (Adams, 2016). These demands that there is the change needed in the way the chemicals developed are applied in terms of the amount and concentration quantity or demand a totally new research of a chemical to counter a particular bacterium or weed.

Due to these concepts of the resistance of bacteria and weeds, it changes the perception and how individual percepts various aspects of life. This demands that an individual is more careful with how they take care of their health and also their agricultural practices. This creates an initiative to protect ourselves naturally and improve our natural immunity through the diet, exercise and drinking a lot of safe water. Generally, it is better to prevent the occurrence of infections rather than start treatment as we are not aware of the nature of the bacteria that we expose ourselves to. These bacteria could also be resistant to the available antibacterial medication which is making the body immunity weak. Agriculturally, people should try use measures that do not put the nature at risk. This is because antibiotics and pesticides are not the cure for all bacterial infections and weeds and should be used with precaution and in moderation and most importantly when prescribed by a professional. Antibacterial resistance always demands more and constant research in order to deal with the frequency at which these bacterial traits change and resist the existing medication.

Antibiotics changed the modern medicine and are a remarkable discovery in the human history in many aspects and since then numerous bacterial infections have been cured and lives have been saved. Regardless of the numerous setbacks that occur such as the rapid appearance of resistant strains. However, these resistant strains have played an important role in the scientific industry since it has led to numerous and productive research topics in the academic fields and the pharmaceutical industry. This resistance provides a platform for intellectual practices by defining the chemical nature and biochemical evolution of the bacteria and weeds (Davies & Davies, 2010). Development of therapeutic application in the field of medicine and science has led to the production of a wide range of affordable antibiotics that can be used without a prescription. This is a major step in the field of science and biology since it tends to help researchers to keep on carrying out studies that result in the development of more advanced measures and solutions to the changing strains.






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Pesticide and Antibiotic Resistance